No Reason Boner.......
Phil cracked an NRB in class.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
An Acronym for No Reason Boner
I had a major N.R.B in Geometry.
by CJ McMastaKewlio February 09, 2009
Acronym for No Reason Boner. A random boner a guy gets for no apparent reason.
Zach; Did you see Evan got an N.R.B. in school today when he was akes to solve the problem on the board.

Ray; Yeah. How embarassing.
by John Dennis Riley February 06, 2008
Not Really But Still

When one says a phrase that is almost, but not quite, entirely incorrect.
I'm on fire!!!! NRBS, it's hot in here.
by Supuhstar August 01, 2009
(pronounced "nerb") No reason boner
Dan had a huge NRB when he was in bio class while the professor was talking about meosis.
by Andy Kuy January 27, 2008
No Reason Boner:
A spontaneous erection without any mental or physical stimulation.
"Dude, just as I answered the door I was hit by the N.R.B.!" "Woah that must bave been awkward bro dude man"
by SnazzLem January 13, 2013
no reason boner!
when you get a woody, and there is no damn reason why
chris: it was prolly an NRB
me: its okay i understand
chris: it was prolly cuz u were there
me: oh fareal?!?!??!?!
by realrap October 11, 2007
No Reason Boner that occurs in the worst time happening by the second
GUY 1: Dude I got the biggest bonner in the whole fucking world for no reason!

GUY 2: Thats called an NRB jackass and everyone in the classroom can notice!
by Axem Ranger June 13, 2008

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