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pimps, money, hoes, ya'll already know.
NPA started as a small gang between a small set of friends inside slater projects aka SP. they ben bangin every since, these is the realist as they come, there have been multiple shootings in the neighborhood and no injuries..yet. this clique was established on Feb.29th 2000. this is the most exclusive gang since cherry street mob back in 1907. Now in the year 2008 NPA, hasa become a nation wide pimp squad all over the US. by the year of 2010 NPA will be world wide fro asia to australia to africa to antartica...
Pimpnifcant AKA as darren and EDUB aka eric and C-money aka Von are the cofounders of NPA(national pimp association)
by hgfhghgfh January 11, 2008

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