When OMG and no way had sexual intercourse, NOMG was born.
Did you hear the news? If you stick your head in a toilet, you will get pink eye!

NOMG! Let's go try!
by LOVECHEESE January 26, 2012
Top Definition
Literally stands for "No My God". Translates more smoothly to "Oh my god no way". It is used to express extreme surprise at an unlikely event such as a hideous male scoring some Slam-A-Licious Babes. A first response
"I heard that Kartuigan is going out with Stacey now."

"NOMG, that's awesome. Way better than the Razorback he was dating before"
by Gerdemann25 October 09, 2007
When something is so full of yummy amazingness you can't decide whether to say 'nom' or 'omg'.
So nom+omg=nomg

Those pancakes were nomg.
Oh nomg! That girl's got her tits out!!
by rudika_radishes January 29, 2009
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