abbreviation for will not
It seems that we must drift willy-nilly towards disaster.
by Rzyd January 04, 2008
Top Definition
A WoW gamer who continually gets boned by gay men.
Oh my gosh, that NILL is hawt!
by harry hindquarters September 16, 2006
meaning without.
Nothing or Neither.
"I dont like NILL one of those mugs"
by ShOvel July 24, 2003
A person who has no life, he also copies his so called "friends'" clothes, gets gay men, gets beaten up everyday, gets emotional and cries everyday, has no friends, and plays Xbox 360 every single day of his life. He also has sex with his Xbox 360, sleeps with it, and cries when someone threatens to break his Xbox 360. He was born on 3-6-00. When he broke his Xbox 360 he cried so much that he had to use his sperm because he ran out of tears.
Hey look, it's Nill and is he shoving the 360 remote up his ass?
by Jar0000 June 05, 2009
Amada: Lets go shred the nill!
Haley: Yah mon, sounds chill.
by Amandhay December 30, 2010
not ill, not cool, wack
you fucked my girlfriend, thats so nill
by NIGGA RAGS October 25, 2005
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