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Not Funny!
1) Someone online makes racists jokes.

You reply with NF.

(In the 70's there was a racist political party in the UK they called themselves National Front or NF. This is a sarcasm to the NF.)

2) You fall over break your leg and are laughing.

You reply with NF.
by voodoo666 September 15, 2009
13 34
means "Not Frat"
That GDI is wearing cargos. That's NF.
by UF Sorostitute September 09, 2010
545 362
Now Following, a commonly used twitter hashtag
"#nf @twitter_username"
"About time. #nf @username This fellow is the shit."
by theunimpossible December 11, 2011
125 97
A more polite abbreviation of the deragatory term Nigger Faggot.
Sarah: Jesus this school is full of NFs.

Shannon: I know right!
by Flare_Fuchs September 19, 2010
330 305
An abbreviation of "Not funny", used primarily as internet slang.

Used first by Chris G. in a conversation with Eileen m. (bah)
"but i did help u get over that malaysian girl didnt i?"
"i guess."
"don't worry, after a couple one-nighters you'll be ok."
"wtf, i'm no slut!"
"haha, JK!"
by chris gian May 05, 2008
57 74
A short abreviation for Niagara Falls.
Person 1: "Eh yo, you been in NF Lately"
Person 2: "Naw, I like to stay within the T-Dot."
by Mistah T February 17, 2008
17 38
The National Front. An openly neo-nazi british political party. The National Front was formed at a meeting in Caxton Hall, Westminster on 7th February 1967; the first Chairman was Arthur K. Chesterton, cousin of G. K. Chesterton. The new party was in fact a merger of three groups: the Racial Preservation Society, the British National Party and the League of Empire Loyalists.
The NF have strong links to combat 18
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
42 65