Non Eating Lunch Break
Looking forward to a smoke on my NELB
Broke as a joke, need to have a NELB
Lets have a NELB and have beer instead
by freezone24601 October 29, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for "Not Entire Load Bearing"

Any plan, concept or idea that is doomed, from the start, to catastrophic failure, usually due to a complete lack of skill and/or knowledge on the part of the planner.
Bob: Hey John, why are you staring at that wall?

John: I was thinking we could knock it down to make this room bigger.
Bob: But what about the floor upstairs? Won't it fall down? That's a load bearing wall...
John: Well, it's not entirely load bearing.

Chip: "Facebook changed again and it sucks!"
Patricia: "Yeah, Facebook's new redesign is NELB."
by NELBtastic February 09, 2010
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