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Nondisclosure agreement
"Sorry, I'd tell you about it, but we're still under a NDA."
by josh March 02, 2004
Nude Drinkers Anonymous, a private place for people who indulge in drinking end up drinking with an article of clothing coming off. For no apparent reason.
After a nights drinking, all photos ended up being of him drinking...naked.

Hey bro: Think it is time to check into the N.D.A
by the big fella May 05, 2010
Any man who acts like a spoiled little Boy. Often confused with the SMALL MAN'S COMPLEX, or the infamous SHORT MAN'S COMPLEX. Memebership in the N.D.A. is Designated by a Nurse, or any other female member of the Healthcare profession.
by pandora's snatch July 23, 2008
not down anymore. when a girl loses interest in a loser.
"That guy is a loser dude, she's NDA. I'm going to make a move"
by pete1234567890 August 18, 2011
No Dicks Attached, used to refer to a group of gay males that are part of a all male swingers group.
Cabman 1"I'm NDA"
Cabman 2"me to lets fuck"
by Steve05 October 16, 2010
no dicks attached.
i like my chicks nda.
by scrapiron442 September 29, 2008

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