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Little cubicle used by Sea Cadet Petty Officers as an excuse to screw off during drills. Usually contains a couch and a few arm chairs, on which PO's sleep during PT, sleep during marching drills, and sit around and tell stupid sex jokes to one another. The only cadets allowed inside the NCO Club (which doesn't even have a door) are E-4's or higher. Often looked at as a symbol of segregation by lower ranking cadets. But sadly, once a cadet reaches the rank of E-4, he/she soons forgets who they once were and quickly takes residence in the NCO Club, becoming exactly what they had hated not so long before
Those damn krowz are screwing off in the NCO Club again.

Ever since Nester was promoted, he's become a frikken NCO Club krow.

See "Krowz"
by Big Boy Spangler February 10, 2005
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