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Non changeable, non cancelleable.

This is an inside term for a Name Your Own Price reservation on a popular travel web site.
Your reservation is NCNC. It cannot be changed, cancellec, refunded or transferred to another person.
by twisted ion November 20, 2006
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u know that sound u do when somebody for ex.said something bad, and u just shake ur head and do that sound with ur mouth that sounds more like "ts ts" (saying it while breathing in) but's written like "nc nc". it's used a lot but its hard 2 describe
dumbass drunk: "I luv 2 drink booze"
wiseass: "u shouldn't drink, it's bad 4 ur health"
dumbass:"fuck u!!"
wiseass:"nc nc"
by freaky gurl October 25, 2007
7 6