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A nervous clumsy fool, coined by the amazing musician (solo bassist) Nathan Hughes.
Person: Shes a total NCF.

Persons friend: THEN WHY?!?!?!
by oldschoolhero August 26, 2009
NCF means "Nice choice, faggot." This acronym is used when is used sarcastically when somebody makes a decision that you disagree upon.
Jim: So today I went to watch my sisters dance recital instead of watching Monday night football with the bromigos.
Jeff: Seriously bro? NCF.
by Michael Scott IV September 20, 2011
Nice Car, Faggot.

A phrase stated among groups when a lad or chick in a fully hectic car (piece of shit), is seen to be doing hot laps of the esplanade, or is taking part in generally idiotic behaviour.
Lad: *vrrrooooooooom*
Group: ncf.
by Teembe November 14, 2011
Nigger Cunt Face (NCF). This is commonly used to discriminate against anybody. Often used against 5-year olds.
Bob - "I will Pwnzorz you"
Jill - "Stfu NCF"
by CptJack45 November 02, 2007
(n.) Non-Committal Fuck.
(v.) Non-Committal Fucking. (NCF'ing)
The only type of relationship Jordan has ever had is an NCF.

Once she got a boyfriend, Austyn's out of control NCF'ing tamed to only 3 NCFs a week.
by gThugggggggg October 17, 2010