An acronym for “No...but really”

Used to inform someone how serious you are about a previously made statement.
Sam Russell: Everyone loves me
Silly person: No that’s not true
Sam Russell: NBR!
by SamuerRusserr December 06, 2010
Top Definition
No Beers Required. Good looking girls that don't need any consumption of alcohol to make them look better. The converse of a Five-Pinter.
That girl is HOT! A definite NBR!
by brooskitooski May 20, 2008
To receive sexual stimulation by way of handjob
"The may-issue crap is basically no CCW unless you know the sheriff and are NBR'ing him.
by Trlsmn July 24, 2009
Not Blood Related; Often used to justify a brother-sister relationship. Frequently used in discussion about anime because every anime is actually about hot brother-sister loving.
It's okay, dude - she's NBR so its totally cool.
by CordycepsNG September 20, 2015
Nipple to Boob Ratio
Damnnn...that bitch has some nice NBR
by Mikikkiky June 24, 2012
Not Business Related
I am an employee, and I send an email to my colleagues about sport, so I mark it "NBR" to show it's a non business related email.
by otaview December 06, 2010
Nipple to Boob Ratio
Ben: That girls NBR is nasty. Too much nipple not enough boob.. If the nipple's too small it feels like you're playing with a guys nipple and it's just not right either.

A healthy NBR is considered approximately 1 part nipple for every 6 parts boob.
by NippletoBenRatio July 21, 2013
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