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Abbreviation for Nigger Blood. Way of saying Nigger Blood without drawing ire, or ramifications of Political Correctness. Reference to Black people who are free loaders, non hard working, blames others for their problems, abusive to women, driven by anger and stereotypical of negative attributes of Black people.
Guy 1: Look at that guy living off food stamps, free housing, and never getting a job.

Guy 2: I know. He's an insult to all us Black people, no wonder the others call him an NB!
by TheCareMano January 31, 2009
18 85
abbreviation for nota bene: used to mark something as particularly important.
The party is tomorrow at 8.

NB: Dress in formal attire.
by Jordija May 02, 2004
556 71
Note well, an Important Note, take notice.

Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often used after a paragraph to give an extra importance to a particular idea or thought.
Also could be written as: NB
" ________________
_______ _______
___________ ___ Bla Bla Bla "
N.B. this applies to yearly members only.
by TaGGaT December 15, 2008
118 21
Abbreviation for Nota Bene ("Note Well"). Pedonator to Nojo, 10/29/09: It’s a wink-wink in the fine print: Pay attention to this, sucka.
NB: Trespassers will be shot on sight.
by JR in MA October 29, 2009
84 40
Abbreviation for "not bad"

Often used in online chat
Guy 1- How was the basketball game

Guy 2- Pretty good. I scored 14 points and grabbed 8 rebounds

Guy 1- nb
by NICCOS May 25, 2009
61 54
nb is an abbreviation for "nose breathe".

Nose breathes commonly occur when you find something funny. Rather than laughing out loud, one exhales or breathe though your nose.
Example One:

Glenda: "most the time when I say lol I don't even lol."

Hilda: *nb* "niether do I just nb."

Example Two:

*Rudy's phone rings*

Hilda: *nb*
by archibaldtheconquistador May 11, 2009
88 88
Shorthand way of writing noob in online games and sometimes used to bypass word filters which recognize "noob" as an insult.
Fackin FAMAS nb, GTFO
by huge ass nub July 10, 2013
4 6
(n) The transition phase between a n00b and one who is fully 1337.
n!b: @11 0f t3h n00bz b3 pwning me today.
1337: Y0(_) //\//\34|\| 70|)4Y?
n!b: w/e
by Johnathan Rivera August 14, 2006
10 25