Usually a reccreational activty, the act of being tasered while naked. You must have electrical current running through your naked body to officialy be nasering.
Jim likes to get a good naser on before bed, unfortunately, his bowels relase on the bed sheets evry time.


While running from the police without clothes, Dameon was nasered and promptly arrested. He liked it.
by Bill Polus April 14, 2008
Top Definition
A term that means " Change the subject" or "Forget it"
This man such an asshole ..oh he is coming -Naser-
by Neoada August 21, 2010
a type of person we swallows man juice through a straw
Did you see Habeeb? He's hella naser!
by Zaboob February 18, 2008
Naser's are people that like to wear glass, make annoying brid sounds, also they are know to demand for your dick and suck it until you don' t smack his face. A total asshole.
Nasers like big cock, man your a such a naser go away from me you germ.
by ChaosMaster9001 May 30, 2008
a fucked up nigga
u r a naser!
by farhan June 07, 2004
a huge kaalaa
u naser!
by farhan June 07, 2004

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