A poor excuse for motorsport which can it can thank all it's success on its marketing of high speed crashes, and the inability of it's fans to understand what is happening if they cannot see it.

Just slotcar racing for adults. and toosl.
"No one won today's Daytona 500 as the entire feild was wiped out at the first corner."
by sloanie March 18, 2005
A weak excuse for a sport.
A good excuse to get drunk and show your tits.

Say what you want about nascar, but it is better than watching:
dance competions, bowling, the kentucky derby, dog shows, & any reality show.
Nascar.... get drunk & get naked
by jeff gordon is gay April 23, 2008
Racing sport. To some, it's trash. To others, it's a way of life. Apparently, anyone with a passion for motorsports will know it's shit. Rednecks watch it and hoplessly support the sport. It has ruined Speedvision and turned it into Redneck TV, along with the occasional race where the racers turn RIGHT. TRASHCAR is soon to become the root of all evil.
No longer can I see WRC events in the daytime due to this stupid excuse of a sport taking over Speedvision. Real racers turn right.
by Phrixis May 19, 2005
a so called "sport" (its really not) that involves a bunch of shiny fiberglass cars going around in circles. the sport generally attracts chunky hicks and rednecks no matter how you try to warp it. People of low IQ make up for it in their knowledge of NASCAR.
Billy Bob:"Man i sho do love all them shiny cars goin 'round that there track ya'll"

Sam:"I love NASCAR more than i love bisquits and gravy"
by ness13 September 02, 2004
N - Non
A - Athletic
S - Sport
C - Created
A - Around
R - RedNecks
There is a NASCAR event going on in town
by RedNeck Hater April 20, 2004
A bunch of cars go counter-clockwise in a circle seemingly endlessly, except for the 2 or so road courses. The shittiest excuse for racing in existence.
Who the hell would watch NASCAR instead of real racing like F1 or WRC
by pro-nun-see-A-shun June 19, 2003
A "Sport" in which hillbillies drive in circles for 4 hours until the hillbilly king Jeff Gordon wins the race.
NASCAR races on circle tracks.
by DC10 dude November 05, 2014

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