Greatest sport ever. Extremly talented drivers show off their skills by driving in excess of 180 mph weaving through traffic and trying not to speed without a speedometer. Plus its an excuse to drink beer, and there can't be anything wrong with a sport that gives you a good excuse to drink beer. Enjoyed by many people other than rednecks although that was the main fanbase of the past
Joe: Wow did you see Dale Jr. fly past Gordon coming out of three and four during the NASCAR race today.
Dave: No, damn I missed it I was getting another beer.
by m_baker_66 October 05, 2006
1. NASCAR is the most competitive racing series in the world, because all the cars are speced the same and the points are kept extremely tight. The championship is normally between at least 3 people going into the last race.

2. A great sport to fill the time between football seasons.

3. A reason to drink on sunday.

3 Guys watching NASCAR

Guy 1: Whose leading?

Guy 2: Who cares if it isn't Dale Jr or Jeff Gordon.

Guy 3: Give me another beer!
by pragonetti July 13, 2006
its a sport that requires a great amount of skill behond most half-wits comprehension.
Did you know in Nascar going through a corner at 130 MPH with 20º of banking would cause around 3 G's. Thats 3 times your own weight. Do that for a few laps you will be breathing rather heavily for the Average Fat ass joe. Do that for 3 or 4 hours you will passing out. Comparing driving your car on the street to racing a car at 200MPH is the most idiotic thing to say. Makes you look like a half-wit with maybe less then half a brain.

Now you want to Talk about F1 thats even worse. 4.5G's cornering at times and 99.9% of the time there is no breathing whatsoever during braking and cornering. They hold their breath during this time. and breath on the straights.
by Spur October 12, 2005
a very misunterstood type of racing that is usually criticized by fans of other types of racing or people that are just too damn lazy to sit down and WATCH a race (if you like other types of racing, you will be hooked afterwards, believe me).

idiot trailer trash rednecks have given this thrilling form of racing a very very bad image. Nascar originated in the south and east but has grown extensively to the West. most modern day NASCAR drivers are not what you would call "rednecks"

Judging from most of these definitions, people need to get the facts straight about the whole purpose of Nascar. no, its NOT an "excuse for a bunch of cousin fuckin inbreds to expose their beer bellies and drink booze". and YES, it does take alot of talent to fight a 800 horsepower, 4 gear manual 10,000 RPM rear wheel drive stock car, finding traction with NO driver-forgiving computers (such as ABS or Traction control), through the corners fighting the bumps and wake turbulence of other drivers that are within 1 inch, going 4 wide at 200 mph.

Nascar is all about close, white knuckle racing. To the oval racing haters, it looks too easy. Nascar IS real racing. Road racing such as F1 is all about the driving. F1 drivers and NASCAR drivers have an equal amount of talent. But I have nothing against F1, as they can manufacture some of the fastest cars known on earth, but they must whore them out with driver forgiving aids.

consider this also. when they do races on road courses (Watkins Glen and Infineon) they have NO absolutely NO driver aids! they have to be twice as careful with the brakes, not to lock them up, and have to fight the rear end from giving out on the corners with no traction control devices. and no they do NOT drive "30 mph" like that idiot said. They do very very well throughout the course and do not crash. and since nascar is all about passing and racing close, they pass quite often.

Nascar is, and will never be understood or appreciated by non-fans. it is too stereotyped. if you are a fan of racing in general, do yourself a favor and watch a Talladega race sitting in the front row. you'll think twice.
If F1 raced on ovals such as Talladega superspeedway, and removed the driver aids, that would be funner than Nascar to watch. 43 cars doing 250+ MPH down the straights, 6 wide, inches apart, would be a thrill. On the other hand, it will then be criticized by idiots for not being real racing as they just turn left constantly...
by . . . . June 17, 2005
to the people who bash nascar id like to see you run 188 laps at talladega at 210 MPH, im sure you nascar bashers wouldnt last 1 lap. you'd flip about 10 times in the air if someone makes a mistake. you think just because you can "control" a car at 30 MPH you think you can control a stock car at 210? and i tell you, stock cars are harder to handle then normal cars and much lighter. i drove a stock car(richard petty driving experience) on a small track and nearly spun out at 50 mph. and rednecks has nothing to do with nascar. maybe it was way back in the 70's but now it's changed. people from all over the world watch nascar and its not a redneck sport. theres drivers from cali and washignton, new york, wisconsin, nevada, every where.

from America to Canada to England to Mexico to Germany to Japan to Australia, you'd be shocked how many people watch nascar. even people of all races not just whites. Nascar is becoming the most popularist sport in the usa. so stop all this bullshit nascar bashing. id like to see the bashers drive for 500 laps at Bristol Motor Speedway.
just give nascar a chance, i hated nascar at one time in my life, saw a race on TV and got hooked.
by nascar - the best sport ever April 19, 2005
National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

Best sport out there w/o question. NASCAR is getting bigger and more popular every year and isn't slowing down.

People say "wow left turns all day". I would like to see you take that left turn at 200 mph 2 inches off another car's bumper without crashing.
"You going to the Daytona 500 Feburary 20th 2005?"
"Damn right I am"
by Dan February 14, 2005
ummm actually they are athletes. they have physical training and stuff to make them be able to take shoving the wheel left (and right if they're spinning out or on a road course or spinning out ON a road course). also, try sitting PERFECTLY still for 4 hours or not getting whiplash. these guys are in shape. Mike Waltrip runs 3 miles a day. others work out.

it's also a team sport. do they get out and change their own tires??? NO. pit crew. people that build their cars. all kinds of teamwork, driver is just the most glamorous position on the team.

and rednecks??? Kurt Busch is from Las Vegas. Tony Stewart (the best of all) is from Indy. there are tracks in CA (2), NV, NH, NY, KS, AZ, PA, MI, and other non-southeast-redneck states.

most motorcycles can't go 210MPH on talladega like Bill Elliot did... they could only do maybe 150 AND scrape off a kickstand.

and you say "circles". no "Ovals (rockingham)", "tri-ovals (talladega, daytona)", "d-shaped ovals (michigan)", "quad-ovals (atlanta)", "egg-shaped ovals (darlington)" and "triangles (pocono)". Indy is really a rectangle, but it's called an oval.

now for the Hypocrites... ok so FAST CARS are cool. STICK SHIFTS are cool. WINNING is cool. DRAG RACING (straight line... MORE boring than "Circles") is cool. but NASCAR isn't?

ok maybe there are too many ads on wheels, but you can't honestly deny that these guys are good. YOU try it... see how long YOU last. just any old car won't hold up... the specialized cars sometimes can't cut it. like when they get loose and spin out. or like when the engine dies. or when the car just plain SUCKS (like Dale JR. @ Las Vegas, Spring 2004)

actually WATCH a race and find out what really goes on under the hood and all around before you go "rednecks" or "pussies". i suggest Talladega or Martinsville if you even read this far.
DUDE DID U SEE THAT!!! Tony Stewart just won the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Championship!!! GO TONY!!!.... and he's 2nd right now in 2004 (as of Golden Corral 500)
by Jolt March 15, 2004

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