Nascar is an awesome bad-ass sport that aint just for rednecks. all you city slickers out there need get this through yalls thick heads: Nascar takes a TON of talent and is a very exciting sport if you actually try to like it and if you have a favorite driver to cheer on. so just shut the hell up bout Nascar. and not all rednecks are just inbred pieces of shit like yall think.
Redneck 1: Did you watch the Nascar race last night?

Redneck 2: HELL YES!!! best race of the year cause Tony Stewart, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Kevin Harvick all wrecked!! plus Jr. won it!!

Redneck 1: yupp mighty darn good race but i drank my last case of Budwieser...

Redneck 2: that sucks...
by None of your DAMN business!! September 02, 2010
Speed and Competetion when

anti NASCAR heckler:NASCAR is fuckin lame man dumb ass redneck sport where jackasses get paid too much to drive around in circles for 3 1/2 hours, it's not a sport neither "NFL" "MLB" "NHL" THOSE are sports

me to anti NASCAR heckler:(i kick him very swiftly in the nut's) "DOES IT SUCK NOW ASSHOLE!?!?"

by Joe Smith 2 August 16, 2007
its a sport that requires a great amount of skill behond most half-wits comprehension.
Did you know in Nascar going through a corner at 130 MPH with 20º of banking would cause around 3 G's. Thats 3 times your own weight. Do that for a few laps you will be breathing rather heavily for the Average Fat ass joe. Do that for 3 or 4 hours you will passing out. Comparing driving your car on the street to racing a car at 200MPH is the most idiotic thing to say. Makes you look like a half-wit with maybe less then half a brain.

Now you want to Talk about F1 thats even worse. 4.5G's cornering at times and 99.9% of the time there is no breathing whatsoever during braking and cornering. They hold their breath during this time. and breath on the straights.
by Spur October 12, 2005
1. NASCAR is the most competitive racing series in the world, because all the cars are speced the same and the points are kept extremely tight. The championship is normally between at least 3 people going into the last race.

2. A great sport to fill the time between football seasons.

3. A reason to drink on sunday.

3 Guys watching NASCAR

Guy 1: Whose leading?

Guy 2: Who cares if it isn't Dale Jr or Jeff Gordon.

Guy 3: Give me another beer!
by pragonetti July 13, 2006
ummm actually they are athletes. they have physical training and stuff to make them be able to take shoving the wheel left (and right if they're spinning out or on a road course or spinning out ON a road course). also, try sitting PERFECTLY still for 4 hours or not getting whiplash. these guys are in shape. Mike Waltrip runs 3 miles a day. others work out.

it's also a team sport. do they get out and change their own tires??? NO. pit crew. people that build their cars. all kinds of teamwork, driver is just the most glamorous position on the team.

and rednecks??? Kurt Busch is from Las Vegas. Tony Stewart (the best of all) is from Indy. there are tracks in CA (2), NV, NH, NY, KS, AZ, PA, MI, and other non-southeast-redneck states.

most motorcycles can't go 210MPH on talladega like Bill Elliot did... they could only do maybe 150 AND scrape off a kickstand.

and you say "circles". no "Ovals (rockingham)", "tri-ovals (talladega, daytona)", "d-shaped ovals (michigan)", "quad-ovals (atlanta)", "egg-shaped ovals (darlington)" and "triangles (pocono)". Indy is really a rectangle, but it's called an oval.

now for the Hypocrites... ok so FAST CARS are cool. STICK SHIFTS are cool. WINNING is cool. DRAG RACING (straight line... MORE boring than "Circles") is cool. but NASCAR isn't?

ok maybe there are too many ads on wheels, but you can't honestly deny that these guys are good. YOU try it... see how long YOU last. just any old car won't hold up... the specialized cars sometimes can't cut it. like when they get loose and spin out. or like when the engine dies. or when the car just plain SUCKS (like Dale JR. @ Las Vegas, Spring 2004)

actually WATCH a race and find out what really goes on under the hood and all around before you go "rednecks" or "pussies". i suggest Talladega or Martinsville if you even read this far.
DUDE DID U SEE THAT!!! Tony Stewart just won the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup Championship!!! GO TONY!!!.... and he's 2nd right now in 2004 (as of Golden Corral 500)
by Jolt March 15, 2004
to the people who bash nascar id like to see you run 188 laps at talladega at 210 MPH, im sure you nascar bashers wouldnt last 1 lap. you'd flip about 10 times in the air if someone makes a mistake. you think just because you can "control" a car at 30 MPH you think you can control a stock car at 210? and i tell you, stock cars are harder to handle then normal cars and much lighter. i drove a stock car(richard petty driving experience) on a small track and nearly spun out at 50 mph. and rednecks has nothing to do with nascar. maybe it was way back in the 70's but now it's changed. people from all over the world watch nascar and its not a redneck sport. theres drivers from cali and washignton, new york, wisconsin, nevada, every where.

from America to Canada to England to Mexico to Germany to Japan to Australia, you'd be shocked how many people watch nascar. even people of all races not just whites. Nascar is becoming the most popularist sport in the usa. so stop all this bullshit nascar bashing. id like to see the bashers drive for 500 laps at Bristol Motor Speedway.
just give nascar a chance, i hated nascar at one time in my life, saw a race on TV and got hooked.
by nascar - the best sport ever April 19, 2005
National Association of Stock Car Racing.

Is it a sport?

Read this article from and make your own conclusion:
By MARTY SMITH / March 9, 2006

NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter, a vibrant 60-something known well for donning sweater vests and blazing Salem Lights, moseyed into his Daytona Beach office one morning last month and noticed a peculiar picture tacked to the wall opposite his desk.

His head was positioned atop a sinewy frame of shredded muscle.

"It was great, but I've never even dreamed of having a body like that!" Hunter howled. "But it's nice of Carl to work so hard for my benefit."

Carl, as in Edwards.

If you're a NASCAR fan and have so much as a faint pulse, you've seen Edwards' ridiculous physique on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. Dude is ripped.

Quite honestly, this very column is Edwards' biggest fear. He chuckled when I called to bust his chops about the David impression. But he also requested I express his concern that the photograph would be viewed as shameless self-promotion.

He wants it to speak for itself, just hopes it doesn't say, "Hey, look at me." It wasn't done out of haughtiness or pompousness. That wasn't the intention at all.

"Knowing Carl, as laid back as he is -- he just doesn't care, so it wasn't meant to be cocky. Not at all," said Jimmie Johnson, who works out with Edwards on occasion. "It wasn't meant to be any sort of statement.

"But honestly, I hope it has that effect. He's into training. That's him. That's his dedication. I respect him a lot for that. He's a little naïve if he thinks, 'Don't look at me,' though. If you have a body like that, rock it, man."

Edwards arrived at the photo shoot fresh from a morning workout, unaware he'd be asked to disrobe. The presumption was the typical fire-suit garb; long underwear at the very least. ESPN had other intentions.

"They were like, nope, we want to really show you're in shape," Edwards said, "so I took my shirt off. A girl sprayed some stuff on me, it wasn't much. Then they just said they wanted something athletic. So that was my athletic pose, I guess."

Ten shutter snaps later he was done. Initially Edwards was apprehensive, but upon further thought decided his reasoning was weak.

"The only reason I wouldn't do it, is it's not common, and that's not a good reason," he said. "It was pretty cool actually. The guys in the shop were giving me trouble, but it wasn't too embarrassing.

"I hardly ever wear a shirt in the summertime, anyway. That's just how I roll."

Edwards admits he's signed a fair amount of magazines, but claims there hasn't been much reaction. I beg to differ. There must be 10 copies of that magazine floating around my gym. The soccer moms are ga-ga. My gym is full of NASCAR fans. I answer several questions on a daily basis. I never thought I'd answer more questions about a shirtless man than one accused of cheating. Then it happened.

Moving along ...

"Everyone's been really cool about it," Edwards said. "Casey Mears told me he thought it was cool because he gets tired of telling people drivers are athletes. That's cool."

That raises the question. Does Edwards' appearance help answer a question long thought unanswerable? Are drivers athletes?

Carolina Panthers defensive end Mike Rucker hasn't seen the ESPN cover, says he doesn't need to.

"No doubt, man. Hands down NASCAR drivers are athletes," Rucker said. "In football, being athletic, running and jumping, people see that. People don't see what they go through in that car.

"I know a few drivers, and all of them have trainers and work out for endurance and strength. There's no question about their athleticism."

"Carl's the extreme of the sport for someone that's in shape," Casey Mears said. "I don't think being that in shape is absolutely necessary, as chiseled as he is. But it sends a great message that a good 75 or 80 percent of the field works really hard to stay in shape."

Who knew NASCAR drivers were so devoted to personal health? That's not stereotypical NASCAR. That's not Busch Light and Junior Johnson pork rinds.

Sure, we've heard Mark Martin is a workout buff, and that drivers are paying closer attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but Edwards looks like a free safety.

"He's a freak," Mears said. "I tell him he's Hulk Hogan."

"Carl should be proud of that," Hunter said. "He's in shape, works out, and if Carl Edwards isn't proof that NASCAR drivers are athletes I don't know what is.

"His picture on the cover of ESPN The Magazine is a great example of the times changing. Carl Edwards is the driver of today and the driver of tomorrow. He is where we're going, and is setting a pretty high bar."

Johnson agrees Edwards is the poster boy for NASCAR's newfound nutrition, but says he is by no means a trendsetter.

"From the moment I've been in Cup, in the last five to eight years, the physical aspect is very important," Johnson said. "Look at Bobby Labonte. Look at DJ. Those guys are always in the gym. There's a lot of people that understand how important it is to stay in shape. Carl's just yolked up."

Edwards' inspiration can be found just across the Roush Racing campus.

"Mark Martin is the first guy that inspired me to work out," he said. "I watched this show about how Mark works out, I was like 15 years old or something, and thought, 'Man, I can do that to be a little better.'

"I thought I was in shape, but Mark Martin, at the gym the other day, he was telling me about his ab workout. That dude showed me his abs and I was like, 'There is no way I'll ever have abs like that.' He's made for that cover.

"You don't have to work out to be a race-car driver, but I think it helps me. These drivers are some of the toughest dudes there are. No matter how much they go to the gym they're as tough as there is."

Tony Stewart is a prime example. He's the best driver NASCAR has to offer. He is not a workout buff. He tried; spent thousands of dollars on exercise equipment late last season with the intention of coming back this year in tip-top shape.

Knowing this, Hunter just had to get a jab in on his old buddy.

"Seeing Carl's picture on that magazine should make Tony want to use that equipment he bought," Hunter said, again laughing heartily.

"There's some people that don't look after their health and are still real fast, but being healthy and in shape, not only helps you with endurance and strength, but also if you get in a bad accident your body can handle the impact better," Mears said.

"Staying in shape and working out isn't something a race-car driver has to do, and Edwards' cover sends a great message for all of us."

And that message is neither pompous nor conceited.
by pwumavs December 03, 2006

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