A bunch of idiots going right for way too long. Are you friggin' kidding me? These guys think going in circles makes them look fast? Trying turning right every now and then you flamin' idiots! F1 and the WRC drivers have more skill in their big toe nail than these rednecks!
Let's all get together and drink beer at the Nascar event and look like total retards! MAybe someone will crash so we actually have some art for the living room!
by wade July 05, 2004
1. Non Athletic Sport Centred Around Rednecks


3. Neckcar
Any sport with this many derogatory nicknames can't be that good...
by fds May 04, 2004
A great sport which actually takes some talent to compete. Anyone can run down a field, but it takes a real man to hold a 3600 pound machine steady at a 40 degree banking in speeds in excess of 190 mph. Its also the only sport in which it is actually a very real possibility that you will not live to see tomorrow. There are actually a few drivers that have died in the premier series, the most popular of course Dale Earnhardt Sr., who died in a head on 180mph crash with the wall, caused by Sterling Marlin.
NASCAR is a sport, it takes talent, and it is not just a redneck white trash extravaganza.
by Corbyn March 14, 2006
Non-Athletic Simpletons Crashing at Random
NASCAR drivers only know how to turn left and smash into walls
by hank_gribble October 20, 2012
currently NASCAR(National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) is the biggest sanctioning body for proffessional motorsports worldwide. It's elite cup series is currently the most sought after division in racing worldwide. While many unedjucated people call nascar a hick sport, recently several international drivers and world champions from a variety of backgrounds have entered the nascar ranks. also it's crew chiefs, drivers, engine builders and fabricators posses some of the best craftmanship and intellegence America has to offer. The cup series also offers the most useful innovations to it's manufacture. from tire technology to safety everything in nascar has to be mass produced which makes it easily transferable to passenger vehicles. in addition to it's top seeries nascar sanctions races all across north america. nascar racing is the most action packed form of motorsports on the market, with huge wrecks, rediculous speeds and the closest finishes week in and week out which is why it has such a huge fan base
tim: you gonna watch the nascar race this sunday?
bob: does the tin man have a sheet metal cock?
by up in hurr September 20, 2009
the second most spectated sport in the us behind the nfl. It consists of 43 cars going speeds up to 200 mph on oval or road course tracks (just like the irl but the cars in nascar look actually like cars while irl cars look like sticks on wheels)
everyone is wrong saying that nascar is only for rednecks when its not. so everyone who stereotypes nascar fans should shut up.
nascar was started in 1949
by norman calica October 09, 2007
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