A sport that was formed in 1948. NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. There are tracks across the country of the United States. The two main types of tracks are Circle tracks and Road courses (there aren't just circle tracks, you know). The season starts off with the Daytona 500, as the biggest race in NASCAR. NASCAR has three main leagues: The Sprint Cup Series (which is the more famous), the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World series, where the drivers race trucks instead of cars. In the Sprint Cup Series, there are 43 drivers per race over a given number of laps based on how many miles the race is (Daytona 500 means 500 miles).
Did you see the NASCAR race last Sunday? I didn't get to see who won; I hope it was Dale Jr.
by GreenBaron88 April 18, 2009
When someone or somthing is extremly redneck or country.
Its like an oval then ima turn to the left.
Damn thats the third time the police have been over to Rick's house this week for beating know thats Nascar.

Look at that idot with chilli salse all over him hes fucking Nascar.
That guys is throwing up Busch Light everywhere thats fucking Nascar.
All that guy does it drink beer and work on his car wow thats Nascar.
That Guy smoked a pack of reds in a hour thats Nascar.
I think hes been on a crystal meth smoking bender for a week thats nascar.
That guy has 4 girls names tattoed on to him and three of then are crossed out thats Nascar as fuck.
by Radric Johnson August 26, 2011
The sport in which you drive around in circles, and make strategic left or right turns. A favorite amongst rednecks.
lets go watch some cars drive around. (nascar)
by ChingChongChung April 08, 2013
Not A Sport, Crazy Ass Redneck. In order for something to be considered a sport, the participants must be athletes. Drivers are NOT athletes, therefore NASCAR is: Not A Sport, Crazy Ass Redneck. -___-.
"Hey, did you happen to see the wreck on lap 231 of the Daytona 500??"

"No, -___-. I only watch sports, and NASCAR doesn't qualify."
by SportsFanatic_93 October 21, 2011
The official "sport" of rednecks, trailer trash, and inbred hillbillies.

An average NASCAR event consists of turning left in a billboard on wheels for at least four hours.
Welcome to NASCAR!

Oh look, they're making a left turn! Oh they're making another left turn! Oh they're making another left turn! I WONDER WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!

Come back in ten minutes, you ain't gonna miss a fucking thing!
by Some Random Guy with a Name October 19, 2014
ridiculously stupid, or something that is the extreme in a negative way
Touched By An Angel is so NASCAR!
by Laura Palmer November 04, 2005
Niggers aint supposed care about racing
Hey Leroy , why them crackahs wasting gas ? Nascar crackahs be whack ! Let's go to the trailer park and take some womens
by Dirtywolf November 12, 2010
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