A weak excuse for a sport.
A good excuse to get drunk and show your tits.

Say what you want about nascar, but it is better than watching:
dance competions, bowling, the kentucky derby, dog shows, & any reality show.
Nascar.... get drunk & get naked
by jeff gordon is gay April 23, 2008
Never Assume Southerners Can Actually Read
Joe was not well read, but man could he hold his own at the NASCAR preshow event. He won the drinking and sunburned event all from the comfort of his Budweiser jacuzzi that was strapped to the top of his tired hoopty.
by Jonathan Root February 03, 2006
A guy said that Nascar is a sport. Its not. He said its the best sport in the world. Its a lame excuse to allow hillbillies world wide to come together and watch a car go around a track 210 times. Its also a bad excuse to use up whats left of Americas oil supply and claim war of the middle east.
Man That Nascar is gay.
by Brad Smegal November 25, 2005
A "sport" revolved around building cars and going in circles, ovals, whatever. The thing that makes NASCAR such a nonsport is that you use a fucking CAR. There is no specific talent that is required in NASCAR, you are depending on a CAR and you get mechanics to do that for you. So really all you are doing is driving for 6 hours. Woop dee doo, I've driven a car longer. Stop being a wuss.

If NASCAR is a sport then walking is a sport as long as it is in competition. After all you are exerting energy, using technique, and working out to keep in shape. So if you think walking is a sport. Then sure, NASCAR is a sport too.
"Damn, I missed lap 156-167, did I miss anything important?" "No, they are still doing the same thing that they were doing on lap 1-156."
by GardenState June 22, 2005
Shitty excuse for a sport where shitty cars (tauruses, monte carlos, stratuses, and other FWD pieces of shit) are transformed into rolling cereal boxes that don\'t come anywhere near the car they are claiming to be racing, ladened with irrelevant advertisements that add to the cars already unatractive ness that even with decent fans would be boring. If you want to see skill watch drivers drifting through the woods at a buck ten on ice in cars you can buy at you local dealership (WRC). Or F1.
I like how i can relate to the race because it involves real life situations like cars that actually exist with real lights and street legality and turns in only one direction.
by A real autosport enthusiast April 26, 2005
"Nice car" said like a redneck.
"That is one nascar!"
by PFRSTA November 29, 2012
Actually a grueling auto sport that has a tremendous following of fans in the U.S.A.. Recently involving a shift of sponsorship availability that reflects the current economic mindset of corporate "thinktanks" and the American "public".; Doom and gloom,with but a few optimistic patriots left, the future of the hetero sport hangs in check. Evolved from "politically incorrect" sponsorship from beer and cigarette manufacturers,to cell-phone and insurance giants. Next step ; The Playtex Cup, or The GentleGlide Cup. MANUP !
"Maybe if they had some steroid busts,or teenager rape accusations, NASCAR could compete with" AMERICAN IDLE".
by terryzz February 15, 2009
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