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Shitty excuse for a sport where shitty cars (tauruses, monte carlos, stratuses, and other FWD pieces of shit) are transformed into rolling cereal boxes that don\'t come anywhere near the car they are claiming to be racing, ladened with irrelevant advertisements that add to the cars already unatractive ness that even with decent fans would be boring. If you want to see skill watch drivers drifting through the woods at a buck ten on ice in cars you can buy at you local dealership (WRC). Or F1.
I like how i can relate to the race because it involves real life situations like cars that actually exist with real lights and street legality and turns in only one direction.
by A real autosport enthusiast April 26, 2005
Probably the gayest motorsport ever made. Based on shitty cars such as a Dodge Intrepid, Ford taurus, or a chevy Monte Carlo that are commonly found in rental car parking lots. The race cars weigh 3000 pounds and (500 pounds are from sponsor decals)as opposed to an F1 car that weighs close to 1000 pounds. I will admit that nascar does require some athletic and driving talent (you need strength due to no power steering and brakes and the lateral G's do take a toll on one's body, the cockpit can reach 140 degrees so when you add all that fire proof cloths and 3 hours in the car you can lose almost 5 pounds in water) but no where near that of WRC, F1, IRL,CART or ALMS. This sport is backed by ignorant rednecks that won't bother to discover the true excitement that other motorsports have to offer.
FUCK NASCAR!!! watch WRC, IRL, F1, or ALMS that have real cars and real talented drivers.
by Gatman August 08, 2006
An activity where you see how many times you can circle your car around a roundabout before you start to piss other drivers off/ get into trouble/ get bored /whatever
Driver 'Uh oh, roundabout coming up, which exit do I take?'
Passenger 'Nah screw that, lets go Nascar!'
Driver 'Right on! woooo!'
by Llihp_Notwen June 11, 2013
The sport in which you drive around in circles, and make strategic left or right turns. A favorite amongst rednecks.
lets go watch some cars drive around. (nascar)
by ChingChongChung April 08, 2013
A very popular motorsport in the U.S.A,but it doesn't hold a candle to motocross or Off-roading(Dune buggys,trohpy trucks,ATVs etc.). At least it's more entertaining then watching people play poker on t.v, talk about boring.
T.V. announcer: The Nascar Nextel Cup series @ 6 only on Fox sports.

Me: No thank you i'd rather watch the Baja 1000 on the speed channel.
by O Terror volto July 10, 2008
The most underrated sport that receives so much unnecessary hate. Ignorant fucks who pee sitting down believe that Nascar is not a sport because it requires no physical strength and is as easy as turning left. these imbeciles are terribly wrong as drivers experience so much mental stress as well as physical exhaustion and experience a rush not present in any other sport; not mentioning that the drivers are fucking insane and have balls the size of Jupiter with each testicle weighing in at about 554554 megatons respectively. Racecars are no where near as similar as every poorly built street car and jackasses insist that any Nascar racecar is your typical Sunday beach cruiser. Yes the races can be extremely slow and boring but it is commonly found more amusing than 90 minutes of a scoreless soccer game or fishing. Nascar started in the blue collar South, thus dubbing every person associated with Nascar as an "inbred redneck". A hefty majority of the sport is definitely hickish, however, most of the drivers are studs who have hotter wives than any NFL player including a few who have college degrees. Stating that Nascar is not a sport is identical to stating that golf is not a sport based on the fact that your ignorant ass can't pick out the physical and mental demands present in both sports.
Preston Teabag the Third: "nascar is so easy i bet anyone can do it"
Nascar fan: "Why don't you hop in and try?"
Preston Teabag the third: *hops in* "which one is the gas and why are there three pedals?"
by Dunkleblake April 15, 2014
Non-Athletic Simpletons Crashing at Random
NASCAR drivers only know how to turn left and smash into walls
by hank_gribble October 20, 2012