A "Sport" in which hillbillies drive in circles for 4 hours until the hillbilly king Jeff Gordon wins the race.
NASCAR races on circle tracks.
by DC10 dude November 05, 2014
A sport for true intellectuals in which cars driven by the best athletes in the world go around in circles for a few hours and high speeds before Jeff Gordon wins. The sport is so awesome that the stupidest people in the world deem it only for rednecks even though they themselves are probably retarded.
Jim: "NASCAR is boring. It's not even a sport."

Larry: "Jim, you can't even tie your shoes or count to ten."

Jim: "NASCAR still sucks! Whoops, I forgot to pee in the toilet."
by GeoJoe1000 July 02, 2013
Not A Sport, Crazy Ass Redneck. In order for something to be considered a sport, the participants must be athletes. Drivers are NOT athletes, therefore NASCAR is: Not A Sport, Crazy Ass Redneck. -___-.
"Hey, did you happen to see the wreck on lap 231 of the Daytona 500??"

"No, -___-. I only watch sports, and NASCAR doesn't qualify."
by SportsFanatic_93 October 21, 2011
A very popular motorsport in the U.S.A,but it doesn't hold a candle to motocross or Off-roading(Dune buggys,trohpy trucks,ATVs etc.). At least it's more entertaining then watching people play poker on t.v, talk about boring.
T.V. announcer: The Nascar Nextel Cup series @ 6 only on Fox sports.

Me: No thank you i'd rather watch the Baja 1000 on the speed channel.
by O Terror volto July 10, 2008
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
Some people like baseball, I like Nascar. Its the best.
by nick1369 October 12, 2008
Probably the gayest motorsport ever made. Based on shitty cars such as a Dodge Intrepid, Ford taurus, or a chevy Monte Carlo that are commonly found in rental car parking lots. The race cars weigh 3000 pounds and (500 pounds are from sponsor decals)as opposed to an F1 car that weighs close to 1000 pounds. I will admit that nascar does require some athletic and driving talent (you need strength due to no power steering and brakes and the lateral G's do take a toll on one's body, the cockpit can reach 140 degrees so when you add all that fire proof cloths and 3 hours in the car you can lose almost 5 pounds in water) but no where near that of WRC, F1, IRL,CART or ALMS. This sport is backed by ignorant rednecks that won't bother to discover the true excitement that other motorsports have to offer.
FUCK NASCAR!!! watch WRC, IRL, F1, or ALMS that have real cars and real talented drivers.
by Gatman August 08, 2006
An activity where you see how many times you can circle your car around a roundabout before you start to piss other drivers off/ get into trouble/ get bored /whatever
Driver 'Uh oh, roundabout coming up, which exit do I take?'
Passenger 'Nah screw that, lets go Nascar!'
Driver 'Right on! woooo!'
by Llihp_Notwen June 11, 2013

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