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The most wanted demographic of national political candidates during the 2004 election cycle; comprised of Southern and Midwestern white males age 25 and older who usually vote Republican, but can be swayed to vote Democratic if the candidate better addresses the issues they care about; for comparison, see also soccer momor Bubba
Bob Graham sponsored Jon Wood's Craftsman Truck Series ride in order to appeal to NASCAR Dads.
by Fast Bobby July 08, 2003
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Culturally conservative-Blue Collar- white men with high risk of loosing their jobs.
“NASCAR dads” are very conservative and tend to be very religious. They most likely to be anti-cultural, anti diversity and anti abortion. They are highly influenced by churches and driven by what is perceived as “blind patriotism”. Those conservative “values” tend to drive their vote republican, but since money is always a decisive factor, losing their jobs with a shaky economy could swing their vote and they definitely do not have a problem of being hypocrites.
“NASCAR dads” are culturally conservative-Blue Collar- white men with high risk of loosing their physically demanding jobs due to outsourcing.
by wes February 13, 2004
Middle-aged blue-collar male tending toward conservatism. An updated term to counter soccer mom. See also NASCAR Dads.
It is no surprise to note the influence of the coveted NASCAR dad vote to the successful election of King George.
by kinsmed May 03, 2005
Men who can't drive anywhere without making an inordinate number of left turns.
I followed that NASCAR dad around until my left blinker ran out of blinker fluid.
by Brak February 10, 2005

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