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North American Hairless Ape
I live in the ghetto, where all the NAHA'S live. I got whacked over the head and robbed by a mean ole NAHA.
by Oscar Yeager May 29, 2008
North American Hairless Ape. In other words, a dark skinned, close relative to human and gorilla im the primate family. Most easily identified by their wide noses, kinky hair, strong body odor, and loud bass from their lowered cadillacs.
1. God damn, it sure does smell like a NAHA in here. Did you shit your pants?
2. Which NAHA drank the last beer?
by Quackstopr April 25, 2005
Acronym for North American Hairless Ape.
We have a NAHA for a president.
by Ramphinge1412 June 19, 2009
North American Hairless Ape. Also known as the Missing Link. Often seen as being the connecting link between humans and gorillas, having traits of both (ie speak with words, but act on impulse).
That NAHA stole my bike. He said "what's mine is mine and what's your's is mine."
by nassau70 June 11, 2010
slang,racial slur. North American Hairless Ape meaning african american
Look at that NAHA run with the ball
by revrand lovebone February 27, 2009
Is of Hebrew, Iranian, Egyptian, Indian origin. Naha i associated to Godess Shiva and means river/stream in hebrew.
Is a muslim name for Gods favorite.

Example: Naha is Gods' favorite.
by Wiolette August 15, 2015
North American Hedgehog Association
positive, to label something as too cute to live. Cute as shit.
I'm gonna Naha your ass. You so Naha.
by Shootin Star May 01, 2007
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