new age fag. the new generation of metro's who sport tight usually fluro, v-neck shirts, skin tight or "spray-on" jeans and side fringes. Usually listen to electro and might be seen at raves, general pants, hairdressers.
girl 1: that guy on the bus was hot!
girl 2: no way, total naf he was probably going to buy some more v-necks and ministry of sound albums to add to his collection.
#metro #naf #naff #electro #new aged fag
by jessica slater November 30, 2007
Top Definition
Developed at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, NAF stands for "Non-Athletic Fuck". It can be used to refer to a person with zero athletic abilities, or someone who is clumsy or untalented. It can also be used as an adjective.
Johnny is terrible at sports, he's such a NAF.

Did you see that guy fall down the stairs? What a NAF.

That was a NAF throw, man.
#nonathletic #clumsy #untalented #bad #sports
by Brobo Cop November 18, 2010
Not A Friend
Dude you're such a naf.

Paripoop is a such naf, he tries to steal my girls but is unable to cos he's not the ilmeister.
#antonym: friend #buddy #mate synonym: dickface #cunt #paribitch
by Baus1234 May 15, 2012
A British slang word for if something is bad, or went badly.
George: Oh that film is naf.

Lucy: Pffft. That was naf.
#bad #britain #terrible #shit #pfft
by Patient4479 September 27, 2013
A person who is a Non-Athletic F*ck ie. Can't play sports.
Non-Athletic F*ck
That guy sucks at sports... what a NAF.
#athletic #fuck #weed #marijuana #sports
by The Dealer October 28, 2006
not a factor (in the 2008 presidential election)

from WHATTHEBUCKSHOW with Michael Buckley on youtube
Rudy Giuliani is such a N.A.F., (rather) talk to the people who gonna win.
#rudy giuliani #giuliani #rudy #n.a.f. #2008
by hefferman January 09, 2008
An word mostly used in England to describe someone to be bad at a certain subject.
He just got a new drumset, but I'm naf at it.
by Braden August 05, 2004
Nasty as fuck
Something/Someone that is disgusting,ugly,undesirable,gross.
That girl is so naf ; this food is naf.
by Heyyyyloii March 08, 2016
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