Pardon moi, Mistukai_O_Kuroi...+Cough.+ N1994 is a way to say Nigga around Niggaz, without getting your punk whitey ass dropped, thanks to Hirosuke.
Mistukai_O_Kuroi, don't say Goddayum...
by Leiko October 03, 2004
Top Definition
L33T for Nigga
D4T N1994 is H4x0R
by Orgasmo March 10, 2003
Nigga in 1337 (leet, for all you gay ass n19945 out there. God dayum, I hate explaining such simple things to all of ya'll h0s.)
Heh. Saying N-1-9-9-4 is funneh'...... N1994!
(You have to say it N-1-9-9-4)
by Mistukai_O_Kuroi September 27, 2004
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