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L33T for Nigga
D4T N1994 is H4x0R
by Orgasmo March 10, 2003
17 10

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nigga goddayum
Nigga in 1337 (leet, for all you gay ass n19945 out there. God dayum, I hate explaining such simple things to all of ya'll h0s.)
Heh. Saying N-1-9-9-4 is funneh'...... N1994!
(You have to say it N-1-9-9-4)
by Mistukai_O_Kuroi September 27, 2004
4 7
Pardon moi, Mistukai_O_Kuroi...+Cough.+ N1994 is a way to say Nigga around Niggaz, without getting your punk whitey ass dropped, thanks to Hirosuke.
Mistukai_O_Kuroi, don't say Goddayum...
by Leiko October 03, 2004
4 8