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A condition that effects millions of people a day especially in the morning when a tobacco user takes his/hers first drag or dip after their morning coffee. This deadly combination is know to make people instantly shit there pants because of the enormous about of pressure the colon produces when the body gets its first dose of nicotine of the day . When a person starts to feel the effects of N.I.C.P. on there body it is recommended that a bathroom is reached within 2 minutes of the first sign of symptoms. It was said in old scripture that no man has ever been able to actually over come this terrible condition without having to completely empty their bowels first.
Dan: "Man that was a good breakfast, you wanna go have a smoke"

Dewayne: "For sure man" "But make sure that bathroom is cleared for landing cause once i take a drag im gunna have bad N.I.C.P. and heaven forbid someone else be in there while this happens"
by Mr_gas_can July 07, 2011
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