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Stands for Nose Avoidance Tilting. Used to refer to the tilt two people engage in right before they kiss so that they don't bump their noses. Originated form the Bristish comedy "Coupling" which can be seen on most PBS stations.
"There was some definite N.A.T. but for some reason, she pulled away!"
by Kiten March 17, 2006
18 8
and that. From Pittsburghese language
Goin dahntahn to watch em stillers n'at
by donnie iris November 05, 2003
190 29
Also referred to as mole, also relates to a term known as "mole style". Usually hangs in a group
She is such a mole almost as much as Nat
by Jerichoholic88 September 01, 2008
223 111
the pittsburgh way of saying and that
yins wana go to pants n'at
by tassmasterzero February 27, 2003
126 24
Abbreviation for "Naked Alone Time"
After my shower I like to wander around the apartment and have NAT.

Where's Shannon? Oh, she went home - said she needed NAT.
by fatboy333 January 05, 2006
407 316
a fat slut with no friends
gill: your a fucking nat
by jay stivala April 10, 2007
230 143
the most horrible nick name for a girl named natalie or natasha. term of endearment will surely backfire if used in flirtatious manner.
"Hey Nat?"
by natalie February 08, 2004
178 101
Slappa Slag tart hoe and a window licker
Hi, Im nat natz and im a dopey fool - Hiya!
by aaa September 30, 2003
174 107