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A really shitty phone/"gaming device" thing made by Nokia in a lame attempt to challenge Nintendo's Game Boy. Not only is 300 bucks, none of its functions are terribly great.
The N-Gage blows.
by Joe W. October 10, 2003
A new name for a "gourmet" taco. It has an awkward cell phone built in, plays sub-par games, and costs $300. Meh, they taste pretty bad, and the electronic features make it one weird taco, but hey, tacos are tacos.
"Mmmm.....an N-Gage!"
"You spent $300 on a taco?"
"Yeah, well...I wanted to try it...."
*takes a bite*
"How is it"
"....tastes like mediocre gameplay, awkwardly built cell phone and disaster all rolled into one tacoey bite!"
by without a cause October 09, 2003
1.somthing stupid
2.marketing failure
thats so ngage
by Gibby April 08, 2004
Absolute failure; Marketing disaster; A word used for defining something bad; waste of money; A word to define absolute suxors!
Dude you totaly "NGaged" that fall; wow I "ngaged" my test; Dude your such an "NGage"
by Chrisb319 April 06, 2004
A waste of time, money, space, and dignity.
You bought an N-Gage, didn't you?
by Black Mage January 29, 2004
A waste of money.
I can't believe you bought an N-Gage.
by The Ultimate Grunt January 16, 2004
The biggest piece of crap to ever grace the gaming world.
"Nokia created the N-Nage to "compete" against the GameBoy.
by Jhessela October 25, 2003