by far the most versitile phone ever made..
possibly the best phone ever too.

but still a total flop cause nokia cant advertise worth shit.
i was on the bus watching movies and listening to mp3s on my ngage inbetween games of worms when i remembered that this class piece of hardware is a phone aswell.
by Mawktheone April 05, 2006
Top Definition
what the Hell were the folks at NOKIA smoking when they designed this ghastly device? You actually have to hold the phone with its width next to your ear in order to communicate, and they could have included better launch games which you can only play by first removing the battery and then adding or changing the cartridge. Not to mention the ridiculous price range. Definitely a concept designed for failure.
If NOKIA had designed the cartridge slot on the external part of N-Gage, and designed it more like a pocket calculator like many of NOKIA's cellphone product lines, and cut the price in half, the N-Gage might do a little bit better.
by AYB October 28, 2003
A handheld gaming system that looks like a phone that swallowed a GameBoy.
You mean you can use it as a phone?
by Jonah Rowley January 23, 2005
Nokia's failed attempt to join the ranks of Nintendo in the hand held gaming industry. Better known as the digital taco, it is the worst concept concived, holding the record for the earliest price drop in the gaming industry, for having their first price drop after just one week after it's release. Now at the price of $200, it includes 3 free games and one month of pre-paid service for the cellular phone feature, which by the way you have to hold width side to your ear to talk in. Another "put down" feature is that in order to change games, you must remove the battery. So. . .WTF?

No dad, that's my taco.
by Tonku January 26, 2004
see: shit
That's pretty N-Gauge, man...
by FYAD FYAD FYAD LOL October 22, 2003
a handheld gaming system/cell phone destined for failure
by Eddy October 18, 2003
Exorbantly expensive paperweight.
Man I wish I had bought a pet rock instead of this N-Crap.
by Fuckhead August 04, 2004
Quite possibly the worst handheld video game system ever.. ever... EVER.
I heard that this one guy got tricked into buying an NGage.
by DIZZLE November 05, 2003

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