Like being PWNED, but usually involving an N-Gage.
So I was walking down the street playing my N-Gage, and some fat kid pointed at me and laughed. Then someone shouted "N-GAGED!"
by Bane December 23, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who has bought an N-Gage by accident. Originated on LUE.
Person: My mom bought me an N-Gage for Christman...
Friend: N-GAGE'D
by Kidsta January 11, 2004
Like 'Owned' or 'Pwned' another variation making fun of the worst handheld ever.
Guy1: Did he just beat you at that?!
Guy2: Yeah.
Guy1: You got N-GAGE'D!!!
by Violent Azure January 10, 2004
simular effect to wearing a t-shirt that says "i just wasted $200"
oh man, im gay
by dingleberry December 11, 2003
to be pwned
person 1: Oh man I failed my test!!!
person 2: N-GAGED!!!!!!
by Parker Kleyer December 09, 2003
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