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1) A bad pop-rock band. Often given to corporate sellout bands.
2) Literal meaning; N*sync with guitars.
3) A un-needed blatant attack on pop-rock bands in general by some angsty teenager.
Dude, that band sounds like N*sync with guitars.
by Bakagamer July 30, 2005
1) a broad term covering bands like and not limited to: Good Carlotte, Simple Plan, Greenday, Linkin Park, Yellowcard, Sum 41, Hoobastank, and many other shit bands that sound like Nsinc with guitars in the background.
2)Good Charlotte
3) Bands liked by teeny boppers
Goth Poser #1) LiKe, OMG!!! I jUsT g0t TeH nEw LP cD!!!!
Goth Poser #2) w0w! LiKe BuRn Me A c0pY>> DeN iLL LiKe gIvE u A cOpY of mY GOOD CHARLOTTE cd!!!
Me) *WTF* im guessing you all have tickets to the yellowcard concert then? *caugh*
by rammstein666 February 24, 2005
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