1) Place to see the original JazzFest;

2) Place to see the United States second oldest Mardi Gras celebration;

3) A city of sin (lust, greed, violence) in the State of Louisiana.
I'm going to N'awlins to watch the Saints lose again.
by N'awlins August 01, 2005
The way any local of the great city of New Orleans will pronounce it. If you say New Or-leans we will know you came from somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line. And nothing will make us want to take your money faster....
"Ya'll should come down to N'awlins on saturday. We'll grab some craw fish head to the levie and make a day out of it.
by Katie LeForce March 12, 2006
A city that is no longer there due to the Katrina Disaster
Is called a colorful city for 2 reasons
See Atlantis
N'awlins got fucked up during the cane...Aw shit, no mardi gras means no boobies
by T-Flizz April 17, 2006

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