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Mystical Mary Jane is the ultimatum of all Mary Jane's. The best weed and the least smoked. Mystical Mary Jane loves you, and you love her forever. Its origination is unknown and is a medium sized indica/sativa. Thousands of diamonds is the only explanation of what she looks like. With a THC count of above 40%, you are sure to be high for over 8 hours. (great for a movie-thon) Do not be fooled by imitations or rappers with gold chains claiming they got the bomb....its a plot against you because if you know you have it, you DONT TELL A SOUL!
a verse dedicated to Mystical Mary Jane

who like to stay medicated, meditating
Off bud all the hata’s out there hating
Im wavin mystical mary hazen
Make reality cave in like a rasin
Im just saying, its amazing
How the endo long time stay blazin,
Like amen in layman, its crayzin
So much thc my eyes is glazing
The power of bud, hard to maintain
I like to stay simple with a simple brain
Im feelin the strain, my eyes is sprained
Taste buds like the sweetness of sugar cane
Smoke along with me, forget your pain
After this hit, you’ll be back again
So when you get high, don’t forget the name

Mystical mary jane.

Mos' ReQuest-copyright 2009-Go time records. mos request
by Mos Request August 26, 2009

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