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1. The name giving to the legendary person that is often seen sprinting around the UK - England more the most.

No one knows who this person is, it just "mystically runs" passed at random times, too quick for you to see him (legend has it that it is a male - apparently)

Some have heard it cry out strange noises and cries. For example: "oooooooorly"

This could be some sort of distress call or perhaps a mating call to his true love - who, as legend has it, is the reason this person is running around the country.

2. One that runs in a mystical or stealthy manner
1. I was walking along one day when I heard "Ooooorly" then a figure flew passed at great speed. I must have been Mystic Runner

2 Person A: "Yo, yo, s'up guys"
Person B: "Hey how'd joo get passed security"
Person A: "Just call me a Mystic Runner"
by Mr S. Break(er) November 04, 2005
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