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When it comes to a mystery in the 13th Region, were not talking about Tony Pietrowski paying refs, nor are we talking about Eric Canady setting up refs for certain games so a team can win. And most certainly not talking about Josh Gambrel receiving a win in a baseball game when he gave up 6 runs. We are talking about Knox Central High School’s basketball player Cody Miller getting his headband stolen before the most important game of the year, against Corbin High School. The team had a shoot around 5 hours before they traveled 15 miles to play at Corbin High School. Cody put all his gear in his locker including the special headband. The team showed back up at the gym 2 hours before the game to head to Corbin. Once they got to Corbin, the Panthers were getting dressed in the locker room. When they were about ready, Cody shouted out and cried that he lost his headband that he slept with the night before. Coach Elam said to suck it up and play without it. Knox Central got beat on last second shot by Corbin’s Josh Smith, which was wearing a headband. Later that week, Coach Elam sent in a letter to KHSAA about somebody breaking into the Panthers locker room before the hardest game of the year, and stealing an accessory from a player, in which he thought, would help the Panthers pull out a W. He wrote in a letter about kids who might have stolen it. He mentioned Cody Messer from across town at Barbourville High School. Elam said Messer may have been in the locker room trying to find a pad for his period, and thought the headband was a pad. Another one mentioned was, Josh Smith at Corbin, because he needed a headband to clean the jizz off of his jersey after he came out of the locker room with Erin Manns. Coach Elam received a letter 2 weeks later that stated “Nobody in their right mind would steal a headband because it was lucky”. The three best ways to wear and keep a headband safe is: 1. Wear it over the bottom of your ears so you can hide the gay diamond earrings. 2. Make sure Cody Messer has a box of tampons and pads. 3. Never take the headband off. This will prevent the loss of a valuable item. And to this day, the mystery has never been solved. Eric Canady was caught, Tony hasn’t been caught yet, and the player that should have received the win in the baseball game never received the win.
Mystery of 13th Region
Coach i've lost my headband!
It has been Stolen!
by Canady January 14, 2009
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