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The adjective describing certain emo-types and their unwillingess to divulge any information besides the immediately pertenant. Due to a deep-seeded fear of dissolving the dark veil of mystery that keeps them from appearing as simple and/or unsophisticated as the average human being. Any perticular information involving an event, conversation or time of happiness is witheld to remove any chance of seeming jovial.
Person1: hello, hows it going? I heard you went on a date yesterday!

Mysteriemo: yeah.

Person1:....ok, what is up??!

Mysteriemo: nothing.

Person1: Sweet! I read in the newspaper you saved 10 infants from a fire! You saved their lives! You're a hero! How does that make you feel?

Mysteriemo: I dunno.

Person1: Hey isn't your birthday coming up soon?

Mysteriemo: I dunno.

by Francis Burke April 20, 2006
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