a mysterious pen0s
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
Top Definition
Something that is both mysterious, yet hysterically funny all at the very same time.
Travis: We were wondering if you carried Mr. Pibb?
Lady: Um, no, i don't think so...
Travis: (laughing) Its turning out to be very hard to find, we thought you might carry it...darn...
Lady: Yes, locating it can be quite mysterical...
Travis: Right...wait is that even a word...

(it is now)
by Carson Spence November 08, 2007
when something is mystical and mysterious, it is mysterical
I was walking through the deserted forest, the atmosphere was quite mysterical
by 30h5 March 29, 2015
When you're not sure if a situation merits reverent awe, or pee-your-pants laughter.
We experienced a mysterical moment when, gathering on the dry lake-bed playa at sunrise to meditate upon the birth of a new day, our solemn reverie was interrupted by an enormous, motorized pink hedgehog, backfiring and farting across the horizon.
by Mish/ButeoBliss September 26, 2010

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