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Myia is a charming, beautiful girl with an irresistible smile. She is a fiery warrior at heart but might be soft-spoken when you first meet her. Myia is an artist, a creator. She's always busy with something, and loves the outdoors. She is honest and steadfast in her beliefs. Myia loves people who are true to her and make things interesting. All guys might not see Myia's true value because she is a bit different at first glance than most other women. Those many other men who see her for the special girl she is will try to swoon her, usually without success. Because of this, other girls envy Myia, but she knows her self worth and is always looking for the right person to share her wonderful outlook on life with.
Girl1: Hey, how do you say that new girls name?
Girl2: It's My-uh.
Girl1: Oh crap, a Myia??
Guy: Who, Myia, the new girl?! She's awesome!
by WillowPen August 25, 2012
classy generous ethically stable
most people should be a myia
by buddyjunior February 04, 2010
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