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1.The fucking ultimate in emo attention whoring EVER.
You post your suicide in a myspace bulletin and tell people to call the cops so they can find your corpse. BAM! Instant internet celebrity. Too bad you're dead.

2.The act of talking about killing yourself to whiny bitch friends on myspace then going offline to make them wonder if you really did it. Unlike the first definition you're probably didn't, you emo douche.
Preforming a myspace suicide is the easiest way to tell society that it didn't need you in the first place.
by Godzilla Terrorizing Staten Island September 24, 2006
When one deletes their myspace account. Sometimes out of frustration but mostly in an attempt to look cool or get attention.
Rebecca just couldn't take it anymore...she committed myspace suicide.
by Katie Bunk October 31, 2006
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