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Females who have no life, there day usually consist of putting on different outfits such as lingerie or bathing suites and taking pics just to add to there myspace page. These are usually unattractive gurls who don't really look like much in person so they take pics wit there camera phones in the bathroom mirror from there best angles and use them to try to find guys to get attention from.
about 75% of the females on Myspace are Myspace Hoes
by Chyna_gurl January 23, 2007
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narscisistic and insecure luser of who spamsothers with friend requests seeking like-minded people who add each other and post innane and insipid comments under the delusion that the appearance of friends and comments so aquired (numbering into at least four figures) on one's profile page impresses anyone.
I'm flooded friend requests from complete strangers, like this myspace ho, Quicha, who already has 12945 friends!
by word_g33k June 23, 2006
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Females on MySpace that do things they accuse their significant other of doing even though they participate in hypocritical situations themselves.

Searching for guys on the MySpace to talk to even though they are in a serious realtionship themselves or dedicating a page to a man that is a person they're not in a relationship with.

The MySpace Hoes are hypocrites because they have their page dedicated to a male celebrity while their significant has a page dedicated to their relationship.
by Mistah X August 06, 2006
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