The most overrated fandom/ franchise anyone could ever imagine.
Pony tard: Omg look at that lil poniez cutiee mark isz sooo kawaii desu! ^_^ I luv My Little Pony!!111!1

Some normal guy: Gtfo. Please.
by IamWeegeeGiveMeYourSoul June 07, 2011
A super flaming TV show that has a cult following by fags and queers. Originally created in 1983, it has recently become popular among degenerated teengaers a.k.a bronies a.k.a cocksuckers. Bronies claim it is a good TV show, but no matter how good it is, you are watching a fucking show called "My Little Pony".
My Little Pony has such dynamic and interesting characters like Baby Cuddles, Sugarcup, Minty, Princess Primrose, and Twinkle Twirl.
by JusticeForBreakfest December 15, 2011
Bait used by pervs to attract little girls to their vans.
"Hey little girl wanna my little pony?"

"Yeah I really do!"

"Well get in my van then!"

Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape
by whodatgurl May 16, 2010
a recent forced meme. the large community of MLP (mostly furry/weeaboo samefags) was funny when it started. the idea was to piss off trolls who took the interwebz too seriously. now it's just spam making it's way to random, irrelevant websites.
My little pony: friendship is MAGIC
by lalincorporated July 18, 2011
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