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There are three kinds:

Type 1: Thinks they are better than everyone else because they knew the band when they weren't popular.

Type 2: Started liking the band because of "The Black Parade"; considered "posers" by Type 1 fans.

Type 3: People who just LIKE THEIR FUCKING MUSIC, PERIOD. NORMAL PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE "IMAGE" OF THE BAND. Pissed off because they, sadly, get classified with the other two types.
Dude #1: God, I'm really starting to hate the My Chemical Romance Fans.

Dude #2: Not all of 'em are assholes, man. Some of them are normal people who can carry on with their everyday lives while still enjoying the band's music.

Dude #1: Wow, I feel enlightened. I think I will go worship Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 08, 2009
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Honorable people. People who have been saved by the band My Chemical Romance.

No matter how much this band changes they always support them, because without them, they wouldn't be here.

They believe no person should be death threated for their music, not the Beiber fans, not the Maroon 5 fans, not even the Kanye West fans. In their eyes everyone is equal.

Called by magazines and band members, MCRmy. A combination of the bands initials and Army.
Random Person: Are you a My Chemical Romance Fan?

Fan: Do you mean am i part of the MCRmy?

Random Person: Yes!
by ErinChrysanthemumLee July 04, 2011
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MCR fans are fans of MCR because of the music. Yes, there will be some people who are all "zomgz frankie is so hawt" or complaining about how "Gerard doesn't look hot anymore with blond hair".
They're obviously not proper fans of the music. A lot of people are fans of MCR, because MCR saved their life. Thats what they are there for. The band saved their own lives, and are there to help other people.
My Chemical Romance fans: My Chemical Romances new album rocks!
Not a proper My Chemical Romance fan: zomgz I havent heard it yet! Did you see wat Gerrald Way did to his hair?! It sucks he doesnt look hawt now. Oh well I've still got Frankie to obsess over like a stupid teenie!
by Michelle<3 September 01, 2006
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A person who likes the music My Chemical Romance make.
Not a person who likes MCR because LyK G3R4Ld wAy iz 5o ttly HaWt!!!1oneoneshift1one!1
"Yeah MCR rock!" - My chemical romance fan
"OMGZ Gerard and Frank are so totally hot OMGZ!!111oneone - some teenie poser
by Michellex3 April 11, 2006
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My Chemical Romance Fans...its a complete unit. An army. MCR have a completely unique sound & perspective compared to most of the bands in the whole rock 'scene' today. One which CANNOT be denied. MCR are there to make a difference. For the true fans, the kids that are just like them, instead of fame & money - FACT. Yes some of the 'fans' are posers. But the ones that matter are in it for MCR. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because MCR saved our lives. Truly.
From the inside of MCR's 'Life on the Murder Scene' CD/DVD, to all My Chemical Romance Fans

"...and to the fans...this is for you. Thank you from the bottom of our black little hearts for staying so pure, so passionate and so strong. Your belief in us is immesurable and for that we love you eternally. xoxo -MCR "
by McR_forever August 06, 2006
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Someone who listens to music by My Chemical Romance because they like the music and/or like the lyrics. Not to be confused with a poser, who is someone who likes MCR because they think certain band members are hot. Often posers like the album 'The Black Parade'. However there are MCR fans who consider this their favorite album by the band but that like the other albums as well and respect the opinions of other people who have a different choice for their favorite MCR album
My Chemical Romance Fan 1 - I thought that Danger Days was the best. S.I.N.G. was a brilliant song. There was so much emotion
MCR poser 1 - What? What's Danger Days? My Chemical Romance have one amazing album, The Black Parade. And Gerard was so hot with blond hair!
MCR fan 2- I loved the Black Parade! It's my favourite! But I have to say, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge has some amazing tracks!
by Night Valdez June 08, 2014
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I have many friends who love MCR and who hate MCR, but we don't judge each other. We are just a bunch of kids who love to laugh and have a good time. Before you judge a kid who likes MCR you should try to talk to those kids first they may be the best friend you ever had.
This happened to me at school one day.

opposer: **points at shirt** "MCR sucks."

My Chemical Romance fan: "and?"

opposer: "just wanted you to know."

**carries on with the conversation and never give it a second thought**
by -A.D.- January 27, 2007
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