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A very influential Post-Hardcore band from the shores of New Jersey. Often classified as Emo/Punk/Goth, the band themselves have never put a label on themselves, and for this, should be noted. While the main audience for the band seems to be teens, it is impossible to cast stereotypes onto the listeners, as the band themselves are an extremely varied bunch of guys. Releasing their first album in 2002, their second in 2004 and their DVD in 2006, the band have come a long way in only four short years.

They also put on one hell of a live performance.
Love, you are My Chemical Romance.
by Sam. May 30, 2006
Who cares what genre the band is? I dosen't fucking matter if they are emo or punk or hadcore or whatever! My Chemical Romance is a fucking awesome band! It is good music, and if you don't like it then, sorry, you don't know what you are missing, but I am not gonna sit here and tell you that you are a dumbass or something like that, you just have different taste in music. If you have only heard one or two of their songs, I suggest you listen to some other things by them. I know that I don't like Helena, Ghost of You, of I'm not Okay. Just because I don't like them dosn't mean the band sucks. Give them a try. As for teenie bopping, people are going to do whatever they want, no matter what people say. And for good measure, I agree with those of you who say Gerard is sexy.
BTW: Green Day is two words, not "Greenday". If you are going to diss a band, at least spell their name properly. "Stay out of the light, or the photograph that I gave you, you can say a prayer if you need to, some other way to continue, to hide my face" I Never Told You What I Do for a Living- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, My Chemical Romance is the best!
by Samantha Kay January 16, 2006
Allow me to clear up all of the crap definitions here. My Chemical Romance is not pop. My Chemical Romance is not punk. My Chemical Romance is not emo, and they have never siad they were any of those things. My Chemical Romance is undr the genre of post hardcore. A VERY SMALL AMOUNT of their earlier songs MIGHT have passed for metal, but they are a "Post Hardcore" band. I'm not going to say that they're good or that their bad, because definitions aren't for pushing people's own personal opinions. They are for informing.
Lame Ass-"MCR sucks! I hate emo!"
Lame Ass-"MCR rocks! Thy're so punk and cool!"
Lame Ass-"Oooh, I hate that whole pop scene so MCR must suck!"
Cool Kid-"I listened to some of their stuff, I didn't like it that much."
Cool Kid-"At first i didn't like them because of I'm Not Okay(an MCR single), but I heard some more of their stuff, and now i can't get enough of them!"
by DefinionWizard June 09, 2005
My Chemical Romance who have been out since 2001 -2002. They are not emo and loath that label. They only have four albums out but the albums are amazing. Before they haven't been the most colorful band and the first three albums weren't th happiest but the songs had pic meanings to them. THe band saved many lives.

Their newest album released in 2010, "Danger Days: Tru Lives of Fabulouse Killjoys" was by far their happest albums. The songs on the album sparked many differences in the bands image. Now their much more colorful and that difference definatly resonates in the fan-base. We call ourselves killjoys, however recently MCR wrote a song for Yo Gabba Gabba about everybody being differenet and unique just like snowflakes. Now some choose to call themselves snowflakes. But whatever we call ourselves indivisually, we are always known as the MCRmy. The band consists of Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, and Ray Toro.
My Chemical Romance is amazing. Yea totally.
by SarahFromNewYorkCity January 01, 2012
My Chemical Romance is amazing.
by RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 23, 2008
A 'violent pop band' (in their own words) whose music has inspired many teenagers, and other people of all ages, all over the world.

Though their first album was dark, and bordering on metal, their second album was rock, but still very dark.
With their 2006 album, 'The Black Parade', they continued to use dark imagery in their lyrics to portray a story full of emotion, and fantastic riffs!
Though slated by many, My Chemical Romance is a great rock band with a huge 'army' of fans, most of whom are teenagers, who affectionately call themselves the 'MCRmy'.
The band will most definitely go down in history as a fantastic rock band, who strive to look after, and care for their fans.

The band currently consists of:
Gerard Way - Lead locals
Ray Toro - Lead guitar
Frank Iero - Rhythm guitar
Bob Bryar - Drums
Mikey Way - Bass guitar.

Three of the band members, (Gerard, Mikey and Frank) are now married, and it is for this reason that the band are now taking a short break, after a two year long tour, before they release anything else.

Rock on!!
My Chemical Romance is an amazing rock band, with millions of fans all over the world.
by MCRmy Girl July 28, 2008
A pretty good band that has gained new fans due to their new album, The Black Parade.I find this next thing hilarious: old My Chemical Romamce fans don't want MCR to have new fans. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE! Not all of 'em are posers. i for one had never heard My Chemical Romance BEFORE The Black Parade, and i like that album, Three CHeers, AND Bullets. And i personally don't think they're really all that pretty. Hell, they're not ugly. but still. I listen to them because they have TALENT. something a lot of the actual posers don't realize. My Chem may not be emo, some songs are, you must admit. But if actually listen to what Gerard Way said (this is one of his qoutes, people) he said that they're gonna end up writing a number one pop hit...it'll be about a masacre. People, i like this music. Others like this music. And for all you bashers/haters, i understand that its freedom of speech and all, but really. if you hate them so much, why waste your breath on them?
dude 1: Heya whats up?
dude 2: Nothing really. I'm Listening to My Chemical Romances new album, The Black Parade.

dude : *rolls eyes* no...i like the music thanks...-_-