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I'm not going to say that My Chemical Romance is the best band ever or that they suck. I honestly love them, 1 because I think their songs are good, 2 because they helped save my best friend's life.
Nobody should like this band because their songs are on the radio or hate them because they don't like their music. My Chemical Romance is a band, so of course they'll have haters and fans.
People say that My Chemical Romance is emo or gay, which is not true. You can try to pinpoint their music style, but you can't really. Each one of their songs has a different style that may or may not be noticed by the listener.
If you've only heard their songs from the radio then I highly recommend listening to some of their other songs. The songs that you hear a lot aren't My Chemical Romance, not truly. My Chemical Romance is all of their songs, every one of their albums.
A lot of people judge My Chemical Romance, calling them emo pussies. Sure that's your opinion. You can't call their fans emo or idiots for liking them, that's like blaming someone for falling in love with someone. You can't control the type of music you like, so just quit blaming people for liking them. You can't control what bands you don't like, so don't get all mad at the haters (although the people who don't like them could honestly learn some respect).
My Chemical Romance IS NOT a suicide band. They don't want people to kill themselves, hurt themselves, and they want people to be themselves.
My Chemical Romance is a band, that's that.
by JustAPersom April 24, 2011
A rock band that, contrary from popular belief, is not emo. Most people assume that they are emo because from the video of "Famous Last Words" and "Welcome to the Black Parade", the style is dark, relates to death, and uses LOTS of black eyeliner. Songs prior to that, like "Kill All Your Friends" or "I'm not OK" are emo. The style seems emo, but not the band. Lyrics form FLW: "...I am not afraid to keep on living...", that's ANTI-emo. The album "Dangerous Days..."(too long to type) is more heavy rock, but not emo.
Friend: You listen to My Chemical Romance? You're so emo!

Me: No, I'm not.
by TheDoubleJ February 03, 2011
A band from New Jersey, usually bashed for being popular among "emo" kids. Their guitar work gets repetitive and boring, but the lyrics aren't so bad. They're a terrific band live actually. Most refer to them as MCR.
Guy #1: I saw My Chemical Romance last weekend.

Guy #2: omgzzzz they're liek sooo 3moooo.

Guy #1: Actually, when you look past that they're not all that bad.
by CrystalAanen March 21, 2008
A New Jersey-based softcore punk band.
To date (Nov, '07), they have three full-lengths out. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love (Commonly abbreviated to Bullets); Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (Abb. Revenge); and The Black Parade (Abb. TBP).

This band doesn't deserve half the shit they cop. People judge them over their mainstream songs - these songs are not their best, and the band as a whole should not be judged on them. No band should.

This band has a way of saving lives. Something about their lyrics, their passion, their emotion and what their frontman has been through has the ability to save people.

Frontman/Vocalist: Gerard Way
Lead Guitarist/Backup Vocalist: Ray Toro
Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Screamo: Frank Iero
Bassist: Mikey Way
Drummer: Bob Bryar, formerly Matt Pelissier.

This band are often called 'emo' because of their emotional lyrics and 'dark' dress sense.
The truth of the matter is, there is a fine line between emo and softcore punk. My Chemical Romance fall into the latter.
Elizabeth put Revenge on the CD player one night when she was about to kill herself, and it brought her back down.

"Dude, my chemical romance are weak faggots! Listen to that 'Love You' song! It's gay as!"
"Hey, give them a break! Have you even heard a song like Thank You For The Venom or Our Lady Of Sorrows?"
by Mandahhh Murders Mayhem. November 04, 2007
The Real MCR: A very good band that is absolutely NOT emo. They have never claimed to be. Their lyrics are very deep, and thus MCR can appeal to a wide range of listeners.
poser-emo: OMG My Chemical Romance is sooooo emo!
Normal people: Shut up loser.
by All the good names are taken October 18, 2007
A very influential Post-Hardcore band from the shores of New Jersey. Often classified as Emo/Punk/Goth, the band themselves have never put a label on themselves, and for this, should be noted. While the main audience for the band seems to be teens, it is impossible to cast stereotypes onto the listeners, as the band themselves are an extremely varied bunch of guys. Releasing their first album in 2002, their second in 2004 and their DVD in 2006, the band have come a long way in only four short years.

They also put on one hell of a live performance.
Love, you are My Chemical Romance.
by Sam. May 30, 2006
My Chemical Romance is a band just like Green Dayand Backstreet Boys. All though there is a huge gap in between Green Day and BSB music wise, they are both bands.

MCR do not label themselves "emo" and I simply do not see how they are either. Their songs "I'm Not Okay" and "Helena" are the only songs practically mentioned in the previous definitions, they have other songs too like "Our Lady Of Sorrows" and "Give 'Em Hell Kid".

Gerard Way, lead singer, is not in any way "emo" and has good fashion sense. He does not promote self harm or suicide. Gerard is just a normal guy in the world that doesn't deserve being insulted by those who listen to 50 Cent and Aaron Carter.

And none of the members is "mine" and they definitly do not want your babies. So STFU.
Teenie: ZOMG iZn'T gErAlD fRoM cHeMiCaL rOmAnCe HAWT??!!
Fan: No. "Gerard" from "My Chemical Romance" is talented and not just easy on the eyes.
by Kii Kii February 09, 2007