they suck so shut up you teeniebopping bitches and you male posers
emo crap, emo crap, emo crap, emo is poppy rock get a life you faggots
by mcr gay February 08, 2005
the next good charlotte, same shit different asshole

'cept mcr are nazipublicans
Teeniebopper:OMG!!!!!!!1111111111111111 TEH LED SIINGER IS SOOO HOTZ!!!!1111 I WAUNT TO SUK HIS COOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!1111

Me:shut up you crazy bitch you dumbassrepublican teenbopper mcr suck alot of dick and suck up to bush get a life you emo pussy and the lead singer is not hot

Teeniebopper:OMG OMG OMG I H8 U, Gerard Way is the HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111
by all hail communism February 28, 2005
another fucking shitty excuse for music. music is shitting out horrible crap like My Chemical Romance. a really shitty EMO group who think they can sing, just like other shiity EMO "bands" like Good Charlotte. most people who listen to this crap are the faggots who put thumbs down to these kind of definitions, which you know is true. get a fucking life. stop sucking on the lead singers tiny cock.
"Im Not Okay"... cuz your a fucking gay EMO band, thats why you fucking homos
My Chemical Romance sucks big floppy donkey dick
by My Chemical Romace sucks ass March 25, 2005
Shit in a can. The band members do marijuana, which kills brain cells and can lead to overdoses. The band worships Satan, and can often be seen biting the heads off innocent animals, throwing fake blood into the crowd, and exposing themselves to the audience. A fan told me that during their shows naked women run on stage covered in blood and masturbate. The whole thing is fuckin sick. My Chemical Romance should be executed for the things they do.
MCR will burn in hell someday!
by Tamponville May 09, 2005
The worst abnd in the world. The only type of music that actually made my ears bleed. they suck ass.
I can't pick just one because they all suck.
by Blink fan February 24, 2005

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