My Chemical Romance is a band that started in Newark, New Jersey. Personally, they are my second-favorite band (Simple Plan being my first). "I gave you my bullets, you gave me your love" and "Three cheers for sweet revenge" are their two albums. The best songs from MCR are Helena, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough, and I'm Not Okay. The people who bring down MCR are only jealous that they're not in a band and aren't rich. They also get paid to put down MCR because they are so desperate.
Loser - "My Chemical Romance sucks and they have sucky songs"

Me - "Shut up."
by Chase April 17, 2005
A really crummy emo group. I don't see why eveyone likes 'em. I geuss 'cause "emo" is popular right now.
"emo kid":Do you like My chemical romance?

Me:No, I don't like emo music very much...

"emo kid":*crys* Oh my god! I HATE YOU!!!

Me:Why?! Because I don't like what you like?

"emo kid":You suck for not liking MCR!

by RamonesFan27 June 20, 2005
a fucking piece of shit emoish try hard posur punk band. they're the new princes of darkness according to metalhammer,
WTF the on;lt thing dark about tjhem is when they wear make up.
MCR menmber:gee im cool ican wear black
random metal fan:stabs in face
by WTFru May 08, 2005
Pop group from the east coast famous for their effiminate style. Their brooding "my life sucks so I will turn to the darkside" style appeals to young depressed teen girls and their counterpart the "hot topic punk". Despite the lackluster music, they have found their niche in commercial radio through aggresive marketing. The hints at homosexuality ("You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison")draw in young emo boys (who are known to take pictures kissing other guys)and give them something to relate to.
OMG! I just picked up a tie and an Avril CD I'm so punk! Did you hear Jeremy is into My Chemical Romance he only wears black now! Wow what a tortured soul! Lets be vampires and tell the world how much life sucks!
by Mr. David November 23, 2005
just another emo band, like taking back sunday and the used. now everyone likes them for their stupid song "i'm not okay". whats so great about that song?!
(mcr's "i'm not okay" video comes on tv)

mcr fan1: omg! like mcr is like sooo
cool!1!!11!!1!!! and the lead singer is sooooooooooo hott!!!1!1!1!!1!

mcr fan2: yeah! mcr totally rox my sox!!!1!!!1!11!!!
by mcr sucks ass March 02, 2005
A shitty band consisting of five wastes of skin who do nothing but molest their instruments and molest themselves all fucking day.

Gerard Way - An incest faggot who looks like a corpse and has greasy hair. He "used" to date Bert McCracken from the Used.

Mikey Way - Gerard Gay's brother. Has stupid emo glasses and has a lot of fun with his brother. A LOT of fun.

Frank Iero - Someone who couldn't play the bass to save his life, because he sucks, and he has a stupid emo haircut.

Ray Toro - Looks like a fucking monkey!

Bob Bryar - Waste of skin, couldn't play the drums to save his life.
I wanna kill My Chemical Romance with a gun because they are fucking up music and turning it into complete shit.
by unhallowed847 December 06, 2005
the are the hottest guys in the world
expecially my love Gerard
by Sarah April 06, 2005

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