Shitty ass MTV band. whoever listens to them, get a life, go cry over your shitty lives somewhere else and quite cutting the TOPS of your arms. if you think your hardcore cause you listen to "mcr". fuck you and your lilyasses. o ya, and grow up and get outta middle school before you try and be "hardcore" and "punk", and figure out what they mean before you try to be them, wannabe fuckers.
good charolette, simple plan, green day, my chemical romance o ya..........and anything else at your fucking hot topic...i wish i was hardcore enough to shop at the mall, and i wish i was cool enough to buy anarchy shoelaces at the mall, SUPPORTING capitalism, and YOUR government, you stupid fucks
by You All Are Poser Fucks September 09, 2005
A shit band that think they are "emo," Total posers. Fronted by some guy with bad teeth who I am told is named Gerard Way.
My uncle bought a MCR CD for me, I threw it away.
by PunkRockBarbieBitch July 19, 2005
A really crummy emo group. I don't see why eveyone likes 'em. I geuss 'cause "emo" is popular right now.
"emo kid":Do you like My chemical romance?

Me:No, I don't like emo music very much...

"emo kid":*crys* Oh my god! I HATE YOU!!!

Me:Why?! Because I don't like what you like?

"emo kid":You suck for not liking MCR!

by RamonesFan27 June 20, 2005
A shitty band from New Jersey that create really awful, generic songs and that sound like every other band at the moment. Fronted by Gerard Way, who (as my friend so brilliantly put) sounds like he should shot.
Seriously, there's nothing special about them- the only reason they suddenly became 'cool' is because Gerard started to wear red eyeshadow around his eyes. Now every girl in the world is buying shitloads of red eyeshadow and smothering it down their faces while screaming "I'M NOT OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!" Before Gerard's whole I'm A Guy And I'm Wearing Eyeshadow Which Is Make Up barely anyone had heard of My Chemical Romance. Guys wearing eyeliner is just A Thing at the moment and as soon as it goes out of fashion, Gerard will stop wearing it. There's very few male bandpeople that actually wear make up because they like it and think it makes them look more attractive. Infact I can only think of one- Brian Molko.
So there you have it, just another person's opinion on My Chemcial fucking Romance.
A time that I don't know....
Gerard: "oh no one like's us, probably because we're crap, but maybe it's because I'm not wearing any make up like every other guy is at the moment!"
Other Band Member: "Gerard, I think it IS because we're cra-"
Gerard: "Right! I'm going to buy me some eyeshadow!"

A while later....


A Person Who Is Easily Brainwashed By Such Crap: "LIKE OMGZZZZZZ!!!! I LUV MCR!!!!!!! GERARD IS SO HOTT!!"
by Bethany June 26, 2005
a fucking piece of shit emoish try hard posur punk band. they're the new princes of darkness according to metalhammer,
WTF the on;lt thing dark about tjhem is when they wear make up.
MCR menmber:gee im cool ican wear black
random metal fan:stabs in face
by WTFru May 08, 2005
Pop group from the east coast famous for their effiminate style. Their brooding "my life sucks so I will turn to the darkside" style appeals to young depressed teen girls and their counterpart the "hot topic punk". Despite the lackluster music, they have found their niche in commercial radio through aggresive marketing. The hints at homosexuality ("You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison")draw in young emo boys (who are known to take pictures kissing other guys)and give them something to relate to.
OMG! I just picked up a tie and an Avril CD I'm so punk! Did you hear Jeremy is into My Chemical Romance he only wears black now! Wow what a tortured soul! Lets be vampires and tell the world how much life sucks!
by Mr. David November 23, 2005
the are the hottest guys in the world
expecially my love Gerard
by Sarah April 06, 2005

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