an emo band

although they are good,and although i hate emos,they are an emo band if they are not emo what music is!
my chemical romance is quite dark music but the band have incredible tallent
by sillouette April 10, 2006
Chase, you are a true retard.

1. Simple Plan blows. Hard.
2. People are entitled to opinions, so saying "Shut up" doesn't make My Chemical Romance suck any less penis.
3. Not neccesarily to Chase, but they are NOT death rock. Whoever said that is wrong.
4. It says a lot about your musical taste if you listen to Simple Plan.
5. I agree with everyone else who said they are just another teeny-bopper whiny band.

In conclusion, you suck. And before you try to even come up with a response, fuck you.
MCR sucks a ton. Just like Simple Plan and all of your MTV shit. No one is jealous of them, because they sold out. And I know people who are 12 and 13 that can whoop the shit out of MCR with a couple of their songs.
by DeadlyLoss April 29, 2005
An emo band. They aren't really that good. I've heared a few of their songs; and most of them suck. "Helena" is the only song of theirs I like. And how can you people compare them to Good Charlotte?! GC sounds nothing like MCR. The two bands are very differant.
by meatwad's ghost April 18, 2005
A fucking gay wannabe emo pile of shit band. They suck arse. And their not death metal. Their just a bunch of pussy boys who like wearing make up. They sing pussy songs just like Green Gay. Real death metal is more like Children of Bodom. Half the fuckers who listen to EMO... I mean... 'MCR' are probably totally afriad of death themselves. Go suck gods cock.

Get fucked losers.
Losers: my chemical romance are the best band in the world!!

Children of Bodom: Go and taste my scythe.
by The Bodom Beach pervert April 17, 2006
crappy emo "band". ok, they have one good song('helena'); and that song is overplayed just like 'i'm not ok'; and i'm sick of hearing it every time i turn on the tv/radio. now i hate it. whats so great about these guys. they're just the same as taking back sunday(crap) and the used(sucks). and why do ya'll(mcr fans) think that gerard way is "hott". he looks like a ugly old witch. how are mcr punk? their lyrics are emo people. you wanna here real punk? than listen to Rancid. they're punk. and the bands compare them to are better than mcr. greard can't sing for shit. and hes such a fag. kissing bert from the used. you probably listen to mcr just 'cause your friends like 'em; or 'cause you saw them on MTV. if so, then you know what you are. i've heard lots of their songs; and their "music" really isn't that good.
"em see are equals see are ae pee"
by Midnight_Rose May 11, 2005
Just another band...seriously why do so many people have boners over these guys i mean i cant say im a fan of emo new punk shit but i heard them and they werent even catchy...WHAT DO U PEOPLE SEE IN THEM
MCR is another band crying their feelings
by batmansexystuff April 09, 2005
popular "emo band", listened to by, stupid emo kids and posers. they only got popular because of those dumbasses at MTV, playing their crappy songs. kids see mcr on MTV, and think they're "SoO0Oo k3wL". and then they go around labeling themselves, 'punk' or 'goth'. those kids don't know what punk and goth really is. gerard way is a horrible singer. he can't sing for shit. those posers who listen to mcr probably listen to green day too.
poser:"hEy, i SaWz mCr oN MtV. sO ThEy MuSt B k3wL. N iF i L!St3n 2 M, i iZ SoOo0o pXnK/GaWtHx!!!!1111 YaYz!!11111 DaT mEaN i iZ k3wL 2!!!!!!!!!1111111111111"

Fucking posers...
by Heather June 07, 2005

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