My Chemical Romance is a watered down and slightly more uppity sounding version of HIM. They are unoriginal band with styles reflected that of legends of the past such as the Misfits, which are known to be, single handedly the most famous and popular horror punk band of all time(probably because they were one of the only successful groups).
On another note, My Chemical Romance is NOT, by any means punk. Punk is about unity and striving for a change. Some punk bands would include: the skeptix, aus rotten, the unseen, career soldiers, the germs, the briefs, the devachkas, the buzzcocks, etc..
MCR is not emo either. MCR, while it is bitchy, sad, melodramatic music, is NOT, by any means in the same boat as Chris Carabba of Dashboard Confessional.
They are also not hardcore. Hardcore involves screaming. Not whiny bitchy screaming, but "I'm going to eat your soul" screaming. Some examples of hardcore bands are as follows:
Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Martyr AD, etc...

The only way to describe My Chemical Romance is as follows:

My Chemical Romance is the product of HIM and The Used getting together at a party, getting drunk and high and having intervaneous unprotected anal sex.

ps- if you shop at hot topic, you're not a punk. you're a fag. learn to DIY your own clothes and perhaps you won't get made fun of so much.
Minion Mall Goths: "My Chemical Romance kicks so much ass!!!The lead singer's so hot!!!!!"
Me: "WTF are you talking about? The lead singer is a faggot who wears makeup and kisses boys. How is that hot?!"
MMG's: "He just is. Don't make fun of him! Besides, their music is awesome."
Me: "Their music is shit."
MMG's: "OMG you're so mean! You remind me of those kids who think it's cool to pick on little kids because they like something but they really secretly like it themselves."
Me: "You remind me of gay. And on another note, I'd rather drill a hole in my forehead and pour salt in it that be unfortunate enough to have to withstand the torture of listening to so much as one of their songs."
MMG's: (run away scared)
by PopCultureFreak April 19, 2006
The reason for my boner

They also have amazing lyrics, and when Gerard opens his mouth to yell, I realize how much of my boner could fit in there.
"Wow, those guys are hot, my hard on is HUGE!"

other guy: "but...aren't you a girl?"
by Takashi April 16, 2005
A fucking gay wannabe emo pile of shit band. They suck arse. And their not death metal. Their just a bunch of pussy boys who like wearing make up. They sing pussy songs just like Green Gay. Real death metal is more like Children of Bodom. Half the fuckers who listen to EMO... I mean... 'MCR' are probably totally afriad of death themselves. Go suck gods cock.

Get fucked losers.
Losers: my chemical romance are the best band in the world!!

Children of Bodom: Go and taste my scythe.
by The Bodom Beach pervert April 17, 2006
Chase, you are a true retard.

1. Simple Plan blows. Hard.
2. People are entitled to opinions, so saying "Shut up" doesn't make My Chemical Romance suck any less penis.
3. Not neccesarily to Chase, but they are NOT death rock. Whoever said that is wrong.
4. It says a lot about your musical taste if you listen to Simple Plan.
5. I agree with everyone else who said they are just another teeny-bopper whiny band.

In conclusion, you suck. And before you try to even come up with a response, fuck you.
MCR sucks a ton. Just like Simple Plan and all of your MTV shit. No one is jealous of them, because they sold out. And I know people who are 12 and 13 that can whoop the shit out of MCR with a couple of their songs.
by DeadlyLoss April 29, 2005
An emo band. They aren't really that good. I've heared a few of their songs; and most of them suck. "Helena" is the only song of theirs I like. And how can you people compare them to Good Charlotte?! GC sounds nothing like MCR. The two bands are very differant.
by meatwad's ghost April 18, 2005
an emo band

although they are good,and although i hate emos,they are an emo band if they are not emo what music is!
my chemical romance is quite dark music but the band have incredible tallent
by sillouette April 10, 2006
crappy emo "band". ok, they have one good song('helena'); and that song is overplayed just like 'i'm not ok'; and i'm sick of hearing it every time i turn on the tv/radio. now i hate it. whats so great about these guys. they're just the same as taking back sunday(crap) and the used(sucks). and why do ya'll(mcr fans) think that gerard way is "hott". he looks like a ugly old witch. how are mcr punk? their lyrics are emo people. you wanna here real punk? than listen to Rancid. they're punk. and the bands compare them to are better than mcr. greard can't sing for shit. and hes such a fag. kissing bert from the used. you probably listen to mcr just 'cause your friends like 'em; or 'cause you saw them on MTV. if so, then you know what you are. i've heard lots of their songs; and their "music" really isn't that good.
"em see are equals see are ae pee"
by Midnight_Rose May 11, 2005

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