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A joke that involves making fun of your own mom, made popular by Muscleman from the Regular Show.
The basic format is

You know who else _____(action)_____
Person 1: I like using the computer.
Person 2:You know who else likes using the computer, MY MOM!!!
More examples:
You know who else needs supervision, MY MOM!!!
You know who else rocks this hard, MY MOM!!!!
You know who else has the best tacos in the city, MY MOM!!!
You know who else says ugh, MY MOM!!!
my mom jokes rule
by Antas May 26, 2011

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A highly unusual method of including your own mother in the midst of an irrelevant conversation or arguement, therefore creating confusion among those whom you are having a conversation with.
May also be used to interupt another group's conersation
My Mom Jokes
Person 1:"I got a deadly new car! it's really fast"
Person 2:"My mom's really fast"
Person 1:"He's used to having balls in his mouth..."
Person 2:"My mom's used to having balls in her mouth"
by The T November 01, 2005