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1. (n) The name of my dog. I love my dog so much. He's like SO much better than My Dog Skip.

2. Film produced to rival family movies like "My Dog Skip", "Lassie", and "Benji". And "Marmaduke". And "Bingo". And the "Beethoven" saga. And "Milo and Otis", to an extent. And "Homeward Bound". (And so on and so forth.)
scene where TIMMY takes his dog SKOHK to the VET. SKOHK is dying and TIMMY is saddened by this.

TIMMY: My dog Skohk is dying! It hurts to watch him fall when he tries to catch a frisbee or ball! cries.

VET: Yes, Timmy, it's a sad thing. But I'll warn you now, the more you play with your dog Skohk, the harder it will get.
by PennyCostal June 29, 2010
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